International Volunteer Programme

Sharing ideas and experiences with people from other countries is important to Sarvodaya. Whether you are a student intern, researcher, individual volunteer, or large group, we are more than happy to invite you to live and work in Sri Lanka for as long or as short as you desire.

Our International Unit staff are dedicated to coordinating mutually beneficial programs in conjunction with people from every nationality. These programs are designed based on discussions with the volunteer(s) regarding their interests or studies, and discussions with various Sarvodaya units and villages regarding their needs at the time of the visit.

From manual labour to clerical work to vocational training and childcare, Sarvodaya is a large and diverse organisation with many opportunities for you to lend your skills.

Individual International Volunteers

Please read the information below carefully, and should you wish to apply as a volunteer or intern, send a statement of interest and CV to [email protected]. Our staff will be happy to respond to your application and any questions you may have regarding your proposed visit to Sarvodaya.

University Groups / Group Volunteers
International University groups and other large groups can contact us at [email protected] with a proposal of their desired trip to Sri Lanka and we could tailor-make a programme that fits your needs.

Local Volunteers
Local Volunteers could get in touch with the Human Resources Unit of Sarvodaya to propose their interest in volunteering for projects and existing work of the Sarvodaya Movement.

Local & International Internship Programme : Academic Pathway

Follow link on Vacancies Page to place your interest