Shanthi Sena

Founded in 1978, Sarvodaya Shanthi Sena Sansadaya (SSS) serves as the dynamic youth wing of the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement. It aims to bring relief to victims of ethnic conflicts and foster national unity and cooperation among youth. SSS aims to cultivate a disciplined Sri Lankan society that is free from violence and a peaceful society minimizing the conflicts. 

Dedicated to inclusivity and progress, SSS collaborates with diverse ethnic, cultural, religious, social, gender, political, and professional groups across the country, united by the shared aspiration of creating a brighter future for all. Drawing upon decades of experience, SSS has been instrumental in driving initiatives centered around youth leadership development, peace building and conflict resolution, reconciliation, and the promotion of democracy and good governance. Through the creation and empowerment of youth networks, the organization has successfully carried out numerous activities, engaging young individuals including women, religious leaders, youth religious leaders, people with disabilities and marginalized groups from various ethnic and religious backgrounds. 

In its initial two decades of service, Sarvodaya Shanthi Sena was primarily focused on youth development, fostering coexistence, and engaging in relief and rehabilitation work following both natural disasters and man-made calamities. As the national and global priorities evolved in the 1990s, the organization broadened its mandate to encompass crucial areas like national reconciliation, the role of youth in active citizenry, inter-religious harmony, religious freedom, youth entrepreneurship and political awareness among young leaders. 

With a spirit of voluntary mobilization, SSS actively engages Sri Lankan communities and youth to participate in activities aligned with its mission.  

Key initiatives include: 

  • Youth entrepreneurial programs 
  • Training-of-trainers sessions 
  • Online forums for religious leaders 
  • Formation of youth circles 
  • Workshops on leadership and peace building 
  • Creative community reform programs 
  • Sessions promoting critical media literacy and social entrepreneurship 
  • Social innovation camps 
  • Inter-religious co-exist dialogue series 
  • Community projects 

SSS is also dedicated to collaborative efforts with international organizations, including the United Religions Initiative, Karuna Center for Peacebuilding, Search for Common Ground, JAFS, and UNDP. These partnerships enrich the youth network of SSS with a global perspective. Additionally, the organization benefits from an island-wide volunteer network and religious leader network, both contributing diverse perspectives and expertise to the implementation of various programs. 


To build a prosperous society rooted in human justice.  


To empower youth leadership and foster sustainable development through youth entrepreneurship.