Sarvodaya Fusion

Sarvodaya-Fusion is the ICT for Development (ICT4D) arm of Sarvodaya with a vision of “e-empowerment of all communities who lack access, knowledge, and opportunities”. From its initiation in 1996 in Kahawatta Village with the first telecentre, Sarvodaya Fusion has successfully expanded and strengthened a franchise network while providing basic ICT education, vocational training, and awareness to meet the needs of varied community segments. In addition, Fusion carries out project-based initiatives in support of national goals with the aim of bridging the social and economic gap.  

Sarvodaya Fusion promotes the idea of using innovation for the greater good. By combining advanced technologies with a deep understanding of societal needs, it has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence and digital connectivity to address pressing challenges, such as poverty alleviation, healthcare accessibility, and disaster management. The fusion of technology and humanitarian values has facilitated efficient and effective solutions, making a significant impact on the lives of countless people.  

Fusion Education  

Established in 2009, Fusion Education is the ICT education arm of Sarvodaya-Fusion. It is a pioneering Internet based ICT education package that is designed to empower marginalized youth in rural communities by developing capacities in computer literacy, providing certified qualifications, promoting efficient use and knowledge of internet, and ICT technologies. Fusion Education is a high-quality service that franchises telecentres throughout the country as a value-added service to supplement their existing business activities and provide a revenue generation model to enhance the sustainability of telecentres.   

CSR Partnerships of Sarvodaya Fusion  

Sarvodaya Fusion has over 25 years of experience working hand in hand with Government agencies, Corporates, Communities, and international development agencies to support economic and social development of communities. As a leader and trusted administrator in the field of ICT, Fusion has collaborated in numerous donor-defined ICT projects, collaborating with organizations such as META, HSBC, Google, World Bank Group and Microsoft.  


E-empowerment of rural, urban, and semi-urban communities while leading them towards becoming responsible digital citizens. 


Deliver a continuous process of learning, engagement, and partnership which identifies and fills gaps in the country by bringing social and economic opportunities to the community as an ICT enabler.  

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