Sarvodaya Institute of Higher Learning

The Sarvodaya Institute of Higher Learning (SIHL) is Sarvodaya’s purpose driven entity ‘to provide a centre of learning and leadership training that is rooted in the community with the aim of creating solutions to the unprecedented challenges facing humanity and planet earth.

In its latest evolutionary phase, Sarvodaya has set up the SIHL as a first step in setting up a Sarvodaya University. The aspiration and focus of SIHL is on integral education and development of entire communities, based on social, economic, and spiritual transformation, thereby becoming a centre for the renewal of Sri Lankan Society as a whole. Sarvodaya is keen to realise the implementation and development of SIHL together with appropriate local and global partners, who can help to design and implement this unique educational approach to integral development. SIHL seeks to build co-creational relationships with other Institutes for Higher Learning, or universities who are equally engaged in renewing their societies.

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