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International Unit


To introduce Sarvodaya’s philosophy and principles to the global community.


To provide an opportunity for exploring Sri Lanka while at the same time learning about the value of sustainable development.

The Sarvodaya International Unit provides an array of services with the objective of sharing the experiences and ideas of the people in Sri Lanka with those from around the world. The International Unit is the central unit for international volunteers, and provides information on opportunities for foreigners, planning and implementing, and arranging itineraries and budgets according to needs of both volunteers and villagers in Sri Lanka.


Community-Based Tourism 

Community-based tourism (CBT) offers travellers an authentic local experience by offering an opportunity to visit or stay in communities within a programme that is fully owned, hosted, and managed by residents. This encompasses opportunities to experience and observe genuine Sri Lankan lifestyles including eating locally made foods and participating in local customs. CBT is a solution to sustainable travel as local people are the key decision makers and are the full beneficiaries. Not to be mistaken for traditional volunteering, CBT focuses primarily on community empowerment by providing minor additional funding and direct forms of aid. It encourages local communities to uplift their livelihoods as they are more incentivised to balance economic growth and socio-cultural and environmental impacts caused by CBT activities.


Sarvodaya International Offers Various Types of CBT programs: 

1. Homestay programme  

2. Agrotourism  

3. Research programmes 

4. Study tours  

5. Group/individual volunteer programmes  

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