Vishva Nikethan

Vishva Niketan is Sarvodaya’s spiritual hub and functions as an International Centre for Peace and Mindfulness. 

A place for all to pursue the ideal of inner and outer peace. In creating an atmosphere of tranquillity and serenity close to nature, Vishva Niketan aims to awaken people to their inner spirituality so that they may return to the world beyond to create constructive change.

Unlike many places of worship and mind-training, Vishva Niketan is focused outward as well as inward. Its holistic approach to healing the mind, healing the society, and healing the environment reflects the Vishva Niketan’s unique peace message.

Programmes Include

  • Counseling and meditation for prisoners
  • Mediation and Healthcare program for pregnant mothers
  • Advocating a holistic approach to motherhood, Vishva Niketan offers health education and clinics for care, nutrition programmes and meditation to communicate with the unborn
  • Mindfulness for Kids; a mindfulness meditation programme for young children
  • Spiritual Resources for responsible corporate management
  • Buddhist Dhamma sermons
  • Meditation retreats
  • Programmes for health care providers
  • Mind-body healing program
  • Programmes for school children (ages 11-18)
  • Counseling programme for teenage mothers between the ages of 11 and 18 who have fallen victims of rape
  • Programme targeted to youth between the ages 18-35, who have left school and are unmarried and unemployed

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