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Sustainable Agriculture Development Unit


To create a sustainable agriculture system that produces healthy, nutritious, and accessible food for all, ensuring food security, protecting the environment, and promoting the well-being of present and future generations.


Promote agriculture practices that are environmentally friendly, socially just, economically viable and connect the power of technology, foster community engagement, and promote sustainable practices for a better and more resilient future by ensuring a secure and healthy food system for present and future generations.

Sarvodaya is committed to ensuring food security for all and works towards developing agricultural systems that are resilient to climate change, pests, diseases, and other challenges, and that provide a consistent and adequate supply of food. We advocate and work with small – scale farmers and marginalized communities to ensure their sustainable food production and well-being. The Sustainable Agriculture Development Unit (SADU) of Sarvodaya Perform is the primary agriculture service provider of Sarvodaya and aims to introduce, guide and practice new technologies in agricultural sustainability.  


SADU is committed to continuous innovation and exploration of sustainable technologies that promote efficiency, productivity, profitability while minimizing negative environmental and social impacts. It aims to enhance community engagement to promote sustainability in all aspects of agriculture, including economic, social and environmental dimensions. It works through a partnership network of sister organizations, government and private organizations, farmers, local communities, and other stakeholders to foster knowledge exchange, capacity building, and collaborative problem-solving. 


The mission revolves around promoting agriculture practices that align with five key principles. 

1. Environmental friendliness 

2. Social justice 

3. Economical viable  

4.  Resilience  

5. Secure and Healthy food system  


Sarvodaya is highly concerned about the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) when setting the mission and vision of the Sustainable Agriculture Development Unit. The mission and vision statement of SADU aims to reach the 7 SDGs listed below:  

1. No poverty 

2. Zero Hunger  

3. Good health & Wellbeing 

4. Responsible consumption & production 

5. Climate action 

6. Life on land 

7. Partnership to achieve the goal. 

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