Sarvodaya Development Finance

Sarvodaya Development Finance (SDF) PLC was born out of a natural process of evolution in which Sarvodaya realised the need for an economic arm that could support its aims in reducing poverty through empowerment of rural communities and creating sustainable livelihoods for all.  

As the financial arm of the Sarvodaya Social Movement, SDF is one of the oldest microfinance institutions in Sri Lanka and is the first formal financial institution to channel private sector investments into low- and middle-income groups in the country, becoming the first impact investment finance company Listed on Colombo Stock Exchange. It was incorporated on 1st January 2010 as a limited liability company. 

SDF fulfills its mission to foster sustainable development by providing a range of financial services to primarily small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across the country. It also regularly conducts specialized educational programs for young entrepreneurs in management, digital marketing, finance, and other related fields.  

SDF oversees 51 branches in Sri Lanka, over 90% of which are located outside the Western Province. While targeting SMEs as its primary customer segment, SDF caters to the non-bankable communities by delivering financial solutions through its network of branches to 5,400 village societies.  As a member of the Sarvodaya Movement, SDF is likewise dedicated to the social and spiritual wellbeing of all and is guided by the Sarvodaya philosophy. SDF adopts an ethical position of not supporting business activities traditionally considered anti-social by Sri Lankan Buddhist society, such as fisheries, poultry, gambling, alcohol, and weapons-related industries. 


To be a catalyst in creating an economically progressive society, living in dignity.