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Field Operation Units


To bring the Sarvodaya Philosophy and activities to grassroots level for awakening of all. Taking all Sarvodaya activities to the villages to raise the Nation.


Build up the resources of the District Centre, Divisional Centre and all staff to achieve the vision through facilitating the people. By facilitating people to achieve Sarvodaya’ Vision, building the working staff as well as resources and facilities at the District and Divisional Centers.

Sarvodaya was initiated in 1958 and engaged in varied experimental activities according to identified social needs before slowly expanding their network throughout the country. With the expansion of the responsibilities and services done by the Social Empowerment Division, in 2004 the Field Operation Unit was established with their own goals as district administration to improve the efficiency and the productivity in the field services.  


The Field Operation Unit primarily works through the district centers to deliver headquarters and project activities to the villages, and furthermore supports guides the centers in operational management, strategic development, and ground level deliverance. It also supports in building up a robust volunteer base to further strengthen rural services.  


Other key activities of the Field Operation Unit include:  

1.  Build up a suitable environment to link project activities with Sarvodaya objectives

2. Capacity Development of District staff members and 2nd layer Leadership buildup of district center

3. Support and guidance for financial strengthening of district centers

4. Facilitate decision making processes between headquarters and village and society level problems and propose viable solutions

5. Awareness building activities of Sarvodaya’s main objectives at the village level

6. Sarvodaya Image building across the island

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Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement for the People in Need.