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January 1, 2005

Urgent Request: Flickr Photo Gallery


Map room, Sarvodaya HQ 6

Map room, Sarvodaya HQ 6,
originally uploaded by sarvodaya.

Update: In a matter of minutes Barb gifted us a Flickr account and I am uploading again. Thank you Barb, it makes a big difference to me and the people on the ground. You guys are amazing. I’m going to put up a comment feed on the sidebar now so you can play more of a role. I hope the responsible in charge will approve, but it’s 1 AM now and they’re asleep.

This is Indi, the webperson. We have a bunch of amazing photos of Sarvodaya at work and direct from the disaster areas. The only problem is that our Flickr account is running out of steam and we need to updgrade it. I tried to pay the $50 myself, but it’s giving me trouble cause I’m in Sri Lanka and the card is American.

Flickr makes it easy to gift accounts. If you’re a Flickr member you can see the ‘Buy Sarvodaya A Gift Account’ at the top screen of our Flickr page. you can reach that page by clicking any thumbnail. If you’re not a Flickr member you can get the free membership we’ve been using.

It would be great if I could upload these photos, so help out if you can. Thanks.


Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement for the People in Need.