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January 22, 2005

Thanks to Relief International


Sarvodaya would like to thank Relief International for providing trucks which have been transporting goods from Sarvodaya Central to the affected areas. Some of the goods we’ve been transporting now are dry rations, medicine, tents, etc. One truck today went to Hambantota and another to Hendala in Colombo North. Direct Relief has pledged their continued support of our transportation requirements. The logistical requirements of supplying goods to the affected areas is enormous and Direct Relief’s support is much appreciated.

Relief International has had a cordial discussion with the President Dr. Ariyaratne and have agreed to work with Sarvodaya in the long-term.

This is an excerpt from a joint statement from Relief International and Sarvodaya.

Relief International (RI) has an established history of responding to global disasters with professional staff supported b donor resources. Sarvodaya is an internationally-known Sri Lankan NGO with a long and successful record of providing humanitarian and developmental programs in Sri Lanka. Sarvodaya has the cultural competencies, the commitment and an extensively experienced staff.

Relief International’s philosophy is to seek collaborative partnerships with the national NGOs in order to maximize RI’s ability to be effective, while at the same time supporting the development and operations of host country NGOs. Therefore, RI and Sarvodaya agree to cooperate as appropriate to ensure that the victims of this historic disaster receive the most immediate and appropriate care and support that resources permit.

Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement for the People in Need.