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March 17, 2005

Thank You To Photographers


Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne would like to thank the photographers of DPI Internationale for joining together to create a book of photography, the sales of which go towards Tsunami aid. He said, “We would very much like to see the photo book project a success. In the same vain that you complimented us, I must say that those of us who work on the ground deeply value this type of unique and qualitatively different ways of raising support for our efforts. Such efforts add the human spirit to the cause, not just the absolute money figure that ultimately gets collected. This is very much a fundamental tenet of our Movement.”

This is an excerpt from the story on the DPI website, please visit there for more details.

As an artist deeply touched by the recent tragedy that has caused such long lasting upheaval in countless lives, I was searching for a way to make a difference. I offered tsunami relief links on my website, but felt I needed to contribute more. Not having the funds to “just write a check”, I felt compelled to somehow offer my art in an effort to provide aid.

I logged on to Lulu to see if this might be possible and what appearance it might take. During a chat session with Lulu Live Chat, I met a wonderful Lulu representative, Tanya Stockton. We talked about my current Lulu calendar project and she looked over my web site. She was very touched that I had included an easy way to reach the organizations that are offering aid to the victims of the tsunami disaster. I explained that I really want to do more toward the effort and that I have a dream of offering my art to somehow help in these efforts. It didn’t take us long to find our way to the possibility of a collaboration between Lulu and myself with this goal in mind.

At that time, I introduced, to Tanya, an elite guild of worldwide photographers that I had organized in 2001. The guild, DPI Internationale, was formed for the sole purpose of enlightening the public to digital photography being a viable art medium. Our DPI group has also been exploring the possibilities of continuing our quest to demonstrate to quality of images that can be produced using various digital cameras. Tanya became very excited as she looked over the locations of the DPI members. Our project was becoming an international effort in collaboration with Lulu. In the week that followed, many of the DPI artists expressed a desire to contribute to the project that has taken shape in a wonderful pictorial anthology of uplifting images.

We invite you to enjoy this timeless collection of images with a sprinkling of poignant quotes and snippets from these trying times. This is a way for us to contribute to those that so desperately need help. This is a way for Lulu to extend a long-term contribution to the children of this devastating event. And this is a way for you to support the relief efforts of Sarvodaya in Sri Lanka and the Humane Society International..

Your Copy of the book will serve as a reminder of this tragedy and your unselfish contribution to help others.

The featured artists are:

Greg Anzalone, Buffalo, New York
Guy Biechele, Athol, Massachusetts
Noel Carboni, Florida
Art Cole, Northern Virginia
James Geddes, Seattle, Washington
Laryl Hancock, Yuma, Arizona
Mike Hollingshead, Nebraska
James Johnston, Ohio
Thomas Kirchen, Oregon
Trine Sirnes, Fredrikstad, Norway
Steve Vit, Australia
Ilona Wellmann, Gummersbach, Germany
Brian Zimmerman, Chester, Viriginia

The book’s creation is a collaboration of all members. James Geddes and Trine Sirnes spearheaded the project with coordinating efforts by the Lulu staff.

Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement for the People in Need.