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January 29, 2005

Talwila Mobilizes Rs. 12 Million in Savings


Dr Ari

Deposits into Finance Center

Full Title: Talwila Sarvodaya Society Mobilizes Savings Up To Rs. 12 Million Within a Few Hours

The ceremonial opening of the new Community Centre of Talwila “Pibidena” Sarvodaya Society in the Puttalam District was held on 28th January 2005. The building comprises of the Community Development Finance Centre, a large Auditorium, Computer Centre and a Library.

This Sarvodaya Society was inaugurated 8 years ago. The total building construction amounting to Rs. 4 million was financed by the internally generated profits of the Society. The land was donated by Ms Nandawathie Kulatunga, the mother of the present President of the Society, Mr Nimal Marasinghe. The Office Bearers of the Society have displayed a lot of dedication and commitment towards the success of the Society.

Within a few hours after the opening of the new building, the Society Members deposited savings to the value of Rs. 12 million with the Sarvodaya Development Finance Centre. The Buddhist Priests and the Catholic Priest in the area invoked blessings at the time of the opening. Dr A T Ariyaratne, the Founder and Leader of the Sarvodaya Movement was the Chief Guest at this gathering and made an inspiring speech highlighting the importance of the unity of all right thinking people irrespective of race, caste, religion or political affiliations.

Messrs Sarath Hewagama, Chairman of SEEDS and Emil Anthony, Deputy Managing Director/Director, Banking were also present at this gathering.

Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement for the People in Need.