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December 27, 2004

Sarvodaya Strategic Plan 2005-2010


Our goals for the next Strategic Plan period are formulated within the 3 spheres of transformation, as described in the 500-year peace plan and the awakening processes of Sarvodaya.

The Consciousness Goal
_How we think about ourselves, our inner being, our spiritual lives, our interactions with others._ Transformation of human consciousness through spiritual, moral & cultural awakening, and deepening societal commitment to non-violence.
* Sarvodaya Peace Action Plan operational throughout Sri Lanka
* Measurable decrease in personal, interpersonal, family and community violence

The Economics Goal
_How we maintain our physical existence and obtain our basic needs._
Transformation of the society through the creation of a full engagement economic system that creates sustainable village economies which meet the 10 basic needs of all Sri Lankans through social, economic and technological empowerment.
* Reduction of poverty by 20% by 2010 in all of Sarvodaya villages
* Increased fulfillment of 10 basic human needs in all 15,000 villages – with specific targets for each relevant unit ( ie education, health, energy, environment, water, etc.)
* 1000+ Gramswaraj villages

The Power Goal
_How human beings govern other’s behavior for the good of all (politics)._
Transformation of the political system to establish community self governance, participatory democracy and good governance through political and legal empowerment.
* Increased village level leadership in all villages
* Protection of human rights and promotion of human responsibilities
* A new constitution based on community self governance

Internal Sarvodaya Goals to further enhance excellence
* Increase autonomy and self sufficiency of each district unit
* Achieve financial self-sustainability for LJSSS and each independent unit by 2008
* Increase leadership capacity – specific targets for leadership development in each unit
* Manage research and knowledge
* Create and implement overall communication plan for the whole Movement and for each Unit, to address internal and external communication
* Increase coordination between Units – both increased autonomy and increased interdependence (increased utilization of internal products and services)
* Enhance personal awakening process of Sarvodaya fulltime workers
* Increase efficiency and effectiveness of programme units
* Enhance multi-religious, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual character of the Sarvodaya organization and staff
* Minimize disparities on remuneration, benefits and rewards within and between different Sarvodaya Units
* Enhance multi-religious, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual character of the Sarvodaya organization and staff

Key Strategies
* 5 –Stage village development process
* Pioneering village concept
* Initial 1000 Gramswaraj villages in lead of developing next wave of Gramswaraj villages

Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement for the People in Need.