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June 2, 2016

Sarvodaya Response to Sri Lankan floods May 2016 – Update


The following is the brief update of the Sarvodaya Flood Relief Operations as at 31st May 2016.

Geographic focus
• Mahabudgamuwa, and Kudabudgamuwa GNs, in Kollonnawa Div. SD in Colombo district
• Brandiawatta in Wellampitiya GN, in Kollonnawa Div. SD in Colombo district
• Pahathgama GN, Hanwella Town GN in Hanwella Div. SD in Colombo district
• Aranayaka GN, in Aranayaka Div. SD in Kegalle district
• Chilaw, Arachchikattuwa, and Karuwalagaswewa Div. SDs in Chalaw and Puttalum districts

Summary up to 24.05.2016:
• ~ #2,250 cooked food parcels distributed (Headquarters)
• ~ #500 5-liter water bottles distributed (Headquarters)
• #163 Sanitary packs distributed
• #110 Dry ration packs distributed (Headquarters)
• #5 boats mobilized
• #1 medical camp conducted
• #4 loads of medical supplies; candles and match boxed distributed in Colombo and Kegalle districts
• Distribution of clothes in most needy locations

• ~ #1,000 cooked food parcels, 45 Dry ration packs, and some relief items worth of 60,000.00 LKR distributed by Colombo district teams including Sarvodaya Shramadana Societies
• #1,848 Dry ration packs and #185 Educational kits distributed by Puttalum district team
• ~ #2,500 cooked food parcels distributed by Kegalle district team and #1,500 fruit packs distributed by Kegalle district team
• #55 cooked food parcels, #400 water bottles and some dry rations distributed in Gampaha district team

Relief work from 25.05.2016 to 31.05.2016:
• #490 Dry ration packs distributed (376 in Hanwella; 50 in Thunnana; and 64 in Arangala area)
• #365 Kitchen utensil packs distributed (275 in Hanwella; 25 in Thunnana; and 65 in Arangala area)
• #225 5-liter water bottles distributed in Hanwella
• #212 Sanitary packs distributed
• 2# volunteer cleaning teams mobilized (cleaning houses and 1# GN office)

Sanitary packs are prepared and provided by Sarvodaya Women’s Movement and the Kitchen utensil packs are prepared and provided by Sarvodaya Development Finance Company Ltd.

Scheduled tasks:
• 60 Dry rations, 60 Kitchen utensil packs, and 60 Sanitary packs will be distributed in Thunnana today (02.06.2016)
• Mobilizing 4 volunteer teams in well cleaning (in Hanwella, Kotikawatta, Budgamuwa, and Pahalabomiriya)
• Distribution of roofing materials for damaged houses
• Preparation of educational kits
• Conducting extra-education class for Year 5 Scholarship Exam students in Hanwella

Donations received:
• Street and door-to-door cash collections: 60,000.00 LKR
• Dry rations and other essential items received at HQ: ~ 250,000.00 LKR
• Cash donations received so far thro’ Banks (Local account): 777,725.00 LKR
• 1,026.00 USD received through the Sampath Bank payment gateway
• 2,990 USD received through the Commercial Bank International Account
• Few donations from Australia, USA are still processing (~4,800 Aus$)

Fund disbursements:
Expenses so far 476,123.00 LKR for;
• Boat fuel, and transportation
• Ground logistics
• Purchase of medicine, boots and gloves, cleaning items etc.
• Purchase of essential items for dry rations

The total funds received and disbursed will be subjected to external audit.

• LIRNEasia
• Sarvodaya-USA
• Voice of Asia
• Tea Board of Sri Lanka
• Swedish Embassy in Sri Lanka
• Sarvodaya Shramadana Societies (in Colombo, Gampaha, Kegalle, and Puttalum)
• Colombo University
• Barberine Hotel Ltd.
• Sarvodaya Development Finance
• Sarvodaya Shanthi Sena and Sarvo-Tech PVT Ltd.
• Possible partnership with Dialog Axiata
• Possible partnership with Mercy Malaysia

Bank account numbers for Donations:
The cash donations can be sent to the following account;

Account Name: Lanka Jathika Sarvodaya Shramadana Sangamaya (Inc.)
Account No Acct. No: 1590011920
Account Currency: Rupees
Bank: Commercial Bank of Ceylon Ltd.
Branch: Moratuwa
Address: No.766, Galle Road, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Account Name: Lanka Jathika Sarvodaya Shramadana Sangamaya (Inc.)
Account No Acct. No: 1590008015
Account Currency: US Dollars
Bank: Commercial Bank of Ceylon Ltd.
Branch: Moratuwa
Address: No.766, Galle Road, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Swift Code: CCEYLKLX

More Updates:

1. Dry Food Ration Pack
• 2kg of Rice
• 1kg of sugar
• 1kg of flour
• 500grms of Dahl
• 500grms of onion
• 400grms of milk powder
• 150grms of dried-fish
• 100grms of tea leaves
• 2 pieces of soap cakes
• 1 tube of toothpaste
• 2 toothbrushes
Each parcel cost approximately 1,300/= LKR (10 USD)

2. Back to School Pack
Primary KIT: School bag; water bottle; lunch box; pencil box with 1 pen, 3 pencils, pencil sharpener, ruler, eraser; 10 exercise books (80 pages) including 5 single rule, and 5 square rule books; a soft toy
Approximate cost 1,250/= LKR

Secondary KIT: School bag; 2 small (120 pages) and 2 large CR books (160 pages); pencil box with 3 pens, 2 pencils; 6 exercise books (200 pages) single and square; School metal box
Approximate cost 2,000/= LKR

3. Women Sanitary Pack
Bed sheet
Large towel
2 underskirts
2 women’s underwear
2 Panadol cards
Siddalepa balm
Toothpaste and toothbrush
Sanitary pack
5 baby soap pack
Rubber slippers
Plastic plate, jug, cup and tea straine
Approximate cost of the pack: 2,800/= LKR

4. Kitchen Utensil Pack
3 saucepans (Large, medium and small) with lids
4 plastic plates
2 cups
3 spoons
Other accessory (1 unit)
Approximate cost of the pack: ~ 1,100/= LKR

Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement for the People in Need.