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September 15, 2023

Rally to Relief – Manudam Mehewara

Project Overview

In partnership with Dialog Axiata PLC, MAS Holidings, Hemas Holdings PLC, and CBL Group, the Manudam Mehewara project aims to provide emergency relief to the most vulnerable communities in Sri Lanka. 

The Problem

As Sri Lanka’s economic crisis develops, so does the need for stronger, well-organised systems to provide essentials and dry rations to vulnerable families across Sri Lanka. Over 200,000 families have been identified across Sri Lanka that are in urgent need of emergency relief and not have access to the basic needs and necessities.  

The Solution

Emergency relief is currently being distributed across all 25 districts, and the Manudam Mehewara programme will conduct its relief efforts until a sustainable benefit transfer system is established through an effective recovery plan.  


The Impact

Having successfully reached the second milestone of providing emergency relief to over 120,000 families in-need as of March 2023, Manudam Mehewara aims to provide emergency support to over 200,000 vulnerable families and communities across all 25 districts  

Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement for the People in Need.