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January 26, 2005

Dr. Ari Visits Camps in Trinco


Sarvodaya team headed by Dr. A T Ariyaratne visited tsunami struck Trincomalee with a disaster management specialist from Bangladesh Mr. Abdul Matin. He met with those affected at several camps in Trinco.

We distributed family packs containing dry rations, cooking equipment and other household requirements to 400 families in the village of Gopalapuram (Tamil). Dr. Ariyaratne also had discussions with the Government Agent Mr. Rodrigo about Sarvodaya getting linked to Kinniya village (Muslim) and Samudaragama (Sinhala village). Once the government plans are known Sarvodaya will also extend its help from the relief services to rehabilitation and reconstruction work.

150 Sarvodaya Shanthisena (Peace Brigade) workers are encamping in the Gopalapuram village. This camp will continue for 6 months with volunteers being replaced every 10 days.

In all, Sarvodaya has established so far 204 camps along the coast in the affected villages. In each of these villages Shanthisena groups will prepare the community for long-term rehabilitation and reconstruction work.

Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement for the People in Need.