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We Are One 

We Are One

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Our Partnership with Kimbula Kithul; ‘Feed ? Fundraiser 4 Sri Lanka; as part of the We Are One Campaign


Our beautiful island home of Sri Lanka is facing an unprecedented economic crisis exacerbated by an ongoing political crisis. Our people face queues for fuel & gas, our currency is fallen, we have over 10-hour long power cuts, we face limited food access due to a badly implemented organic agriculture policy – and yet we have tried throughout to remain resilient & help each other and push for a local solution. But the most vulnerable amongst can wait no longer, and we are now in need to activate more largely at home and abroad, with diaspora Lankans & allies to ensure that the young and old do not go hungry or worse.

Our ‘Feed ? Fundraiser 4 Sri Lanka’ is a partnership between Sarvodaya, a community movement in place in the 1950s serving all Sri Lankans across the island built on rich asian values and sustainable living aligned with our mother earth, and our friends Kimbula Kithul – a women-powered small-holder farmer supporting agri-food startup going from SL to the world – and their global friends.

Our first goal is to raise USD 300,000 to supply 10,000 families with food packs across 8 districts throughout the island & set up 110 community kitchens in pre-schools to support child nutrition. 

We are truly grateful for your consideration and support in this effort.
You can follow @kimbulakithul on Instagram for active campaign updates.

PayPal Donations

If you are using PayPal, donations will be directed to our Sarvodaya USA branch. PayPal does not currently interconnect with Sri Lankan banking system, but via Sarvodaya USA we are able to transfer these funds and use them for direct relief efforts. PayPal processes Visa and Mastercard. These donations are tax deductible in the USA.


ONLINE Donations to Our Sri Lankan Bank: Sampath Bank Gateway

You may Donate via Sampath Bank Online Gateway our local online banking portal. This payment gateway accepts Mastercards & Visa. These donations are not tax-deductible.

Sampath Bank USD

Sampath Bank LKR

Other Manual Donation Methods

Cheques and Money Orders

In Sri Lanka you may Post a Cheque via Registered Post or visit us in person. We acknowledge all payments and contributions via email or post.

Our Address: Sarvodaya Headquarters, #98, Rawatawatta Road, Moratuwa , Sri Lanka

For tax exemption in the USA, please contact Sarvodaya USA. Sarvodaya USA is a 501 ( c ) 3 tax-exempt, non-profit organization which will provide a receipt for your donation. Sarvodaya USA’s tax ID number is 13-3358148. You may send a cheque to Sarvodaya USA, payable To:

Address: Sarvodaya USA 525 N. Armistead St., #203,  Alexandria, VA 22312 USA

Wire Transfers, Bank Accounts

For Local Donations (LKR)

Bank Name    : Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
Bank Account : 2590026974
Currency     : LKR
Bank Address : No.766, Galle Road, Idama, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.
Swift Code   : CCEYLKLXXXX

For Foreign Donations

Bank Name    : Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
Bank Account : 1590008015
Currency     : USD
Bank Address : No.766, Galle Road, Idama, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.
Swift Code   : CCEYLKLXXXX

United Airlines Charity Miles

If you are a United Airlines Mileage Plus Member you may also donate miles to help fulfill the urgent travel needs of Sarvodaya by calling 1-800-421-4655 or visiting their website.