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Disaster Management Unit

16The Disaster Management Centre operates on the basis of a “5R” strategy: Relief, Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Reconciliation, and Reawakening; which we believe together will lead to Recovery and development.

Support from this unit is provided in the event of disasters such as tsunamis, floods, landslides and disease outbreaks. Resources include emergency equipment and relief items such as food parcels, communal cooking, dry rations, water supply, and mobile medical camps. Past programmes included an integrated disaster response to IDPs, including provision of psycho-social support, following the 30 year civil war in Sri Lanka.  Current programmes include water rescue, fire safety and first-aid training. Innovative research includes “Promise Project” to support disaster mitigation and “Freedom Fone,” which provides disaster feedback via phone.




Sarvodaya Response to Sri Lankan floods in May 2016 included:

  • ~ 2,250 cooked food parcels distributed (Headquarters)disaster1
  • ~ 500 5-liter water bottles distributed (Headquarters)
  • 163 Sanitary packs distributed
  • 110 Dry ration packs distributed (Headquarters)
  • 5 boats mobilized
  • 1 medical camp conducted
  • 4 loads of medical supplies; candles and match boxes distributed in Colombo and Kegalle districts
  • Distribution of clothes in most needy locations
  • ~ 1,000 cooked food parcels, 45 Dry ration packs, and some relief items worth of 60,000.00 LKR distributed by Colombo district teams including Sarvodaya Shramadana Societies.
  • 1,848 Dry ration packs and #185 Educational kits distributed by Puttalum district team.
  • ~ 2,500 cooked food parcels distributed by Kegalle district team and 1,500 fruit packs distributed by Kegalle district team13244032_1315149861832955_7678866731385743749_o
  • 55 cooked food parcels, 400 water bottles and some dry rations distributed in Gampaha district team
  • 490 Dry ration packs distributed (376 in Hanwella; 50 in Thunnana; and 64 in Arangala area)
  • 365 Kitchen utensil packs distributed (275 in Hanwella; 25 in Thunnana; and 65 in Arangala area)
  • 225 5-liter water bottles distributed in Hanwella
  • 212 Sanitary packs distributed
  • 2 volunteer cleaning teams mobilized (cleaning houses and 1 office)



Sanitary packs were prepared and provided by Sarvodaya Women’s Movement and kitchen utensil packs were provided by Sarvodaya Development Finance Company Ltd.  The entire Sarvodaya community came together to assist with distribution and we are so grateful for their support.