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January 14, 2005

Anita’s Love



“My name is Anita Kumudini Roellin. I was born in Panadura – south of Sri Lanka. When I was two months old my mother had given me for adoption to Sarvodaya Suwasetha. I was fortunate to find loving and caring foster parents from Switzerland few months after. I grew up in the DavosGR Mountains with my brother Philipp Ranjan who is also an adopted child from Sri Lanka. After 23 years I came last March looking for my original mother in Panadura area but could not find her. Instead I met my big and affectionate Suwasetha family. I am a qualified psychiatric therapist and a nurse. Immediately after I heard about Tsunamis killer wave I came back and now working with Sarvodaya as a volunteer round the clock helping in relief work especially in the field of medical and child care. I am going back tomorrow, hoping to come again in summer.”

Anita Kumudini

You can view a slideshow of Anita’s excellent photographs here.

Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement for the People in Need.