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New Zealand Adopts Wenamulla

The United Sri Lanka Association of New Zealand has made a long-term commitment to rebuilding Sri Lanka. Apart from their generous fundraising, they sent Channa…

Thank You New Zealand!

The United Sri Lanka Association of New Zealand (USLA) has donated Sarvodaya with further 267,000 Dollars (Approx. 18.4 Million rupees) to be utilised in the…

Sarvodaya Suwa Setha New Creche & Kindergarten Opened

The new Sarvodaya Suwasetha Creche (Day care centre) and Kindergarten built with generous donations received from Sarvodaya Netherlands and equipped by “Project Tear Drop”, New Zealand, was declared opened recently by Her Excellency Angela Bogdan, the Canadian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka.

Paying Tribute to those who were Lost by Supporting the Loved Ones they Left Behind: Sarvodaya’s One-Year Tsunami Commemoration Activities

One year ago, the giant Tsunami waves that crashed onto the Sri Lankan coast carried away the lives of 40,983 people on the island and injured 23,189. A total of 4,846 people are still reported missing.

The greatest tribute anyone can make to those who were lost to the catastrophe is to help their loved ones recover their lives that were left in shambles.

Sarvodaya has indeed been engaged in this work for the past twelve months, but it did not forget to conduct a few ceremonies to mark the first anniversary of the worst natural disaster to hit the island.

Rebuilding Wenamulla

Thanks to the longstanding and generous support of the United Sri Lanka Association, New Zealand – reconstruction has begun in Wenamulla. In these photos locals…

Sarvodaya Project Plans

Dr. AriyaratneOn behalf of our sisters, brothers and children affected by the tsunami disaster and those of us who stood in solidarity with them I extend to all of you our love and heartfelt thanks for all the spiritual, moral, financial and in kind support you have given to Sarvodaya so far and are expecting to give in the future. Now we are ready to submit specific projects if you are prepared to fund them…