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August 29, 2006



Vishva Sama Samadhi, Anurahapura, 2nd October 2006 – Sarvodaya invites you and your family, friends and colleagues around the world to participate in the Universal Peace Meditation which will take place on Monday 2nd October in Sri Lanka’s sacred city of Anuradhapura.

More than one million people from Sri Lanka itself and many visitors from overseas are expected to participate in this event – please join us here in Sri Lanka or feel free to organise your own simultaneous meditation closer to home.

Since the recent escalation of violence in Sri Lanka, Sarvodaya has held a series of spiritually-based events across the country. This new peace initiative began with a peace meditation for 10,000 in Trincomalee in February, and will culminate in the Universal Peace Meditation, chosen to coincide with Mahatma Gandhi Day, 2nd October 2006.

In these troubled times, not only in Sri Lanka but across the globe, together we can and will create a critical mass of spiritual consciousness for world peace and loving kindness for all.

The event at Anuradhapura will be broadcast live in Sri Lanka (and via satellite to selected locations elsewhere in the world) for those who wish to participate from their own homes. More details will be posted on the website in September

Please join us in person or in spirit and please consider making a financial contribution to support the costs of one million Sri Lankans coming together for peace. Click here to donate online.

For more information, we trust that the attached Factsheet and Contact List will answer your queries. We have very limited resources but we will post any additional news on our website from time to time.

Dr. A. T. Ariyaratne, Founder-President of the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement, asserts that the underlying principles of this effort are:

1. A critical mass of spiritual consciousness can be created when over one million people join together in a spiritual process.

2. This critical mass can influence the consciousness of people throughout the world towards inner peace.

3. Along with inner peace, outer peace can also be created in the world by transforming the consciousness of people in more than 35 war-torn nations.

4. The objective of this event is not only to bring peace in the minds of people and in society, but also to bring about a dynamic equilibrium in our own planet and in the planetary system as a whole.

The 15,000 Sarvodaya villages are already being mobilised for this event. Each of these villages across the country will form a team of ten people. The groups will coordinate their daily individual meditation, their weekly collective meditation and monthly mass meditation programmes where over 10,000 participate.

From 21-30 September, there will be a series of community level dialogues focusing on various issues related to the conflict in Sri Lanka and its peaceful resolution. Then the participants will reach Anuradhapura on 1st October in preparation for the October 2nd programme. The residents of Anuradhapura as the hosts will be making preparations by collecting donations such as food and other amenities for the participants from other parts of the country.

During the morning of 2nd October, people will participate in workshops and listen to lectures on various themes on nonviolence and peace. Dr. Deepak Chopra, Founder of Alliance for New Humanity, a world renowned promoter of peace, will also participate in the proceedings via satellite, culminating in the million-person meditation event betwen 3pm and 5pm (Sri Lankan time). A Peace Declaration which has been prepared with the participation of the community will also be proclaimed on this day.

Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement for the People in Need.