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October 30, 2014

Sarvodaya initiates relief assistance for landslide victims


Sarvodaya staff and volunteers from the Badulla district center has initiated limited relief services for those who were affected by the deadly landslide which hit the Meeriyabedda tea plantation near the Haldumulla town in Badulla district early hours of yesterday (29th October 2014). According to the Disaster Management Center (DMC) of the Government, it is feared that nearly 200 people were missing or dead and rescue efforts are still underway. The Sarvodaya district center is currently providing relief to the surviving persons which includes cooked food, milk power to the families with children and also assisting the Divisional Secretariat to provide sanitation, food and clothing. There are around 200 children including around 50 children below 5 years, and around 200 women. Sarvodaya district centres from other areas have already collected many relief items which are being sent to Badulla in the enxt 24 hours. Those who are willing to contribute to the relief efforts of Sarvodaya financially, may send their donations to the general donation account given in the Sarvodaya website ( We will be coordinating closely with the Divisional Secretary and other government agencies in the relief and recovery efforts.

Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement for the People in Need.