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September 15, 2023

ReSoCo – Reenforce Social Cohesion

Project Overview

In partnership with World Vision, the Reenforce Social Cohesion (ReSoCo) Project focuses on enhancing social cohesion among adolescent and youth, empowering them as peacebuilders while improving their economic conditions.  


The project will also capacitate and work closely with 50 government and non-government actors such as government stakeholders from the National Youth Services Council and Provincial Ministry of Education in the provinces, whose capacities for youth development and participation as well as facilitation and monitoring will be strengthened. 

The Problem

As identified by the United Nations Security Council Resolution’s (UNCSR) Action 2250, there is a need for greater participation, protection, prevention, partnerships, and disengagement and reintegration for young people in social cohesion processes.  

The Solution

In collaboration with World Vision, Sarvodaya as the implementing partner implements contextualized activity-based programmes for demographically diverse children aged 15 to 18 through the IMPACT+ (plus) clubs. The IMPACT+ clubs facilitate stronger social cohesion among adolescent and youth and train them as leaders to contribute to their communities and to the society at large. 

The Impact

875 adolescents (438 female and 437 male) aged 15-18 of diverse ethnic and religious including adolescents with disabilities (AWD) with a focus of most vulnerable adolescents form 35 IMPACT+ groups. They benefit from a set of trainings and mentoring based on the contextualized IMPACT+ clubs’ curriculum for them to become agents of change in their communities and to develop the competencies that empower them as leaders and active citizens, with special emphasis on life skills. In addition, 160 of the most vulnerable IMPACT+ members will be assisted in accessing job training opportunities. 

Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement for the People in Need.