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August 29, 2006

Mapping the Common Path towards GKIII


Hotel Taj Palace of Delhi, became the focus of global attention during the week of 22 – 25th August, 2006.

‘It has been one of the best GKP regional meetings in recent history’ – Rinalia Abdul Rahim, Executive Director of GKP (Global Knowledge Partnership).

‘I learned so much by being there…, and will certainly carry home a lot to adapt at Latin America region’ – Klaus Stoll, GKP Regional Coordinator for Latin America.

Such remarks highlighted another Sarvodaya success story, rendering its spirit of ‘Vishvodaya’ (awakening of globe) by organising the GKP-South Asia regional meeting at Taj Palace, Delhi. Sarvodaya partnered with CSDMS (Centre for Science, Development & Media Studies), the well known NGO in India to organise this event, the origins of which go back to the GKP Annual Meeting in Colombo last May.

Sarvodaya was elected by the regional GKP partners as the South Asia Regional Coordinator for 2006 – 2008. Accordingly, Sarvodaya is responsible for leading the biggest regional GKP membership (29 organisations) comprising of state, NGO, private sector and academia in the region, and including well known institutions such as MSSRF, Development Alternatives, SEWA, NIC India, ICTA Sri Lanka, D.Net Bangladesh etc.

Members gathered in Colombo in May for the first time to draft the vision and thematic area of activities for the next 2 years. The Delhi meeting was a follow up, as 35 participants had to plan the two year work plan. Adding more spirit to the enthusiastic gathering was UNDP, UNESCO, SDC and of IDRC.

Mark Surman of and Rinalia of GKP shared their expertise in facilitating participatory workshops headed by Dr Harsha Liyanage of Sarvodaya (the Regional Coordinator). Priyanthi Daluwatta of Sarvodaya carried out the logistical coordination along with CSDMS of India. Sarvodaya offers warm gratitude to Dr. Ravi Gupta and Jaya Chittoor along with other members of CSDMS for extending helping hands at organising this regional meeting.

Immediately, following the Delhi meeting, another meeting was held in Bangladesh from 27-29th Aug, under the leadership of D.Net of Bangladesh, with the participation of Bangladesh GKP partners. Priyanthi represented Sarvodaya at this event, sponsored by

Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement for the People in Need.