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Sarvodaya Institute of Higher Learning

Dr. Vinya laying the first stone of a new SIHL library

From its earliest days, Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne envisioned Sarvodaya as an educational endeavor. Today, learning and education remain central to Sarvodaya’s activities and the organization has established the Sarvodaya Institute of Higher Learning (SIHL) to improve its effectiveness in educational initiatives by working to:

  • Create a network between pre-existing educational programs and strengthen them with unifying standards.
  • Directly address the educational and learning needs of Sarvodaya as an organization by contributing to the further development of the human resources of present and future generations of Sarvodaya staff, society members and volunteers.

    The Building Plan
  • Help meet the educational needs of the village and community levels by offering alternative educational opportunities that better address grassroots needs.
  • Create a network and exchange of ideas, practice and research between academic institutions, non-governmental organizations and individual actors internationally.
  • Acting as a catalyst for Deshodaya by helping to train and empower Sarvodaya District Coordinators and Deshodaya leaders and members with the knowledge and skills necessary to support the promotion of good governance, advocacy and meaningful reconciliation and sustainable peace.

    Current Building

    SIHL, along with Deshodaya and the SEEDS program for community economic development, have been identified as a priority area in the organization’s 2013-2015 strategic plan. With the physical infrastructure already established in Bandaragama, Sarvodaya is now actively soliciting funds of 20 million LKR (12,300,00 JPY) to support:

    • The creation & activation of a dedicated SIHL consultancy team.
    • Conducting assessments of organizational, community, regional & national level educational needs related to Deshodaya’s aims and objectives.
    • The further development, strengthening & expansion of relevant curriculum & content.


Sarvodaya Institute of Higher Learning is intended to be a precursor to the establishement of Sarvodaya Community University (SCU), which would accomplish all of the above goals and more!

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