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December 28, 2005

Hearts connect to light the candles from Wales (UK) to Sri Lanka



They had the first hand experiences…when giant waves struck the nation. John & Eluned, left their tourist destination to join the relief camps of Sarvodaya. They recall the memories of planning the relief work, unpacking the relief donations, planning the storage sites and helping to deliver them to affected families…….they had been the part of breathless – tireless- endless relief operators in Sri Lanka.

Year had gone…, they are in Wales, but in loving memory, they have organized the candle lighting event at Honey Café at Wales. The event took place parallel to the ‘circle of candle light – around the land of Sri Lanka’ organized by Sarvodaya, to commemorate the first anniversary.

The children, grandchildren and friends joined lighting 300 candles to remember those who lost so much in the Tsunami , It is a night they will remember as they worked to light up the Honey cafe , and as it became darker the candles became brighter, and the wind went away and stillness and peace descended and the Honey Cafe became a temple of light as we made a circle around the Peace.
Pole and John read a poem;


Keep this in memory of me,
I am still here in all you see
I’m in all softly spoken words ,
And in the dawning song of birds.

My touch is in the falling rain,
My shadow dapples in the lane
My whisper’s heard in summer breeze
And silence of the winter freeze,

The sunlight’s warmth in my caress ,
I am the joy you won’t express ,
A fleeting moment, sensed not seen
The quiet of moments in between

Do not believe I am not there ,
I am in all for which you care ,
and when you think, shed not a tear,
I have not died , I am still here,

May peace prevail on Earth ,
May peace prevail on Earth
May all beings find their Peace mission
May peace prevail on Earth

………..And so we remembered them…!

Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement for the People in Need.