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Where is Sarvodaya?

Sarvodaya is the largest and most established NGO in Sri Lanka. Its head office is in Moratuwa, near Colombo. For directions please click here. Sarvodaya also maintains 25 district centres and is an active presence in over 3,000 villages.

Sarvodaya USA is Sarvodaya’s legal presence in the United States. Their address can be found here.

What is Sarvodaya USA?

Sarvodaya USA represents Sarvodaya in the United States. Originally a small group of volunteers, which is now working hard and growing in order to keep up with a very large movement. It is a 501 ( c ) (3) tax-exempt and non-profit organisation. After the Tsunami disaster, which required more help, the organization became a small board of directors, friends of Sarvodaya, and a network of volunteers spread across the country.

Who is the Head of Sarvodaya?

Dr Vinya Ariyaratne (President)

Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne (President-Emeritus). You may read his biography here.

Where Can I See Your Financial Disclosures?

Under publications, in the Annual Service Report.

What Do The Different Donation Options Mean?

Sarvodaya has 2 online payment gateways. The main option is to donate directly to Sarvodaya bank account at Sampath Bank. There is also an option to donate via a PayPal Gateway. This money goes to the Sarvodaya USA Bank account, from which Sarvodaya receives wire transfers. All relevant accounts are detailed on the donate page.

Who Should I Contact If I Or My University Wants To Visit Sarvodaya? (International Universities)

Please contact Mr. Bandula Senadheera, Director of the International Unit at [email protected].

You may also find more information about Sarvodaya’s programmes on our volunteering page.

Does Sarvodaya have a religious affiliation?

Sarvodaya’s philosophy and approach is clearly rooted in Gandhian and Buddhist traditions, but actively engages people of all religions and ethnic backgrounds. Events at the village, district, and national levels often begin with non-denominational meditation and invocations from the perspectives of all religions represented.

Sarvodaya builds houses side by side for Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, and Hindus. Peace Secretariat teams are led by Muslim, Christian, and Hindu Sarvodaya personnel. The Movement consciously directs its efforts to people of all religious persuasions. Its purpose is not to proselytise but to help participants see their common humanity.

Many people are rightfully concerned about the recipients of relief supplies. We want to assure you that every effort is made to serve Sri Lankans of all religions in all parts of Sri Lanka.

Should I send material goods to Sri Lanka?

Please DO NOT send material items unless and until we provide you with detailed instructions. Currently, monetary donations are what are most needed in Sri Lanka.

Please do not send clothing, medicine, supplies or other material items to Sarvodaya or Sarvodaya USA without official confirmation. Thank you for your good work and compassion.

Can I fundraise for Sarvodaya?

If you would like to organize a fundraiser or raise funds for Sarvodaya in some way, we would be delighted. If you get others to collaborate with you, please share what you know. If you do, please contact us so we can acknowledge your contribution.

If you have questions about tax deduction, please contact Sarvodaya USA.

Can I use the photos on the Sarvodaya website?

Yes. All photos are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License, meaning that you are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work, to make derivative works and to make commercial use of the work, under the following conditions: You must give the original author (Sarvodaya) credit.

There are over 1000 Sarvodaya photos available online. There are galleries on the site, and you may view the archives here:

To find what you’re looking for please use the search function, or browse the tags (which try to describe the content)

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