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November 5, 2011

Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne turns 80 today!


Dr.A.T. Ariyaratne Dr. A.T. Ariyaratene, the founder president of the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement of Sri Lanka, is turning eighty today. Ariyaratne has been called the Gandhi of Sri Lanka and has created one of the worlds preeminent examples of a religious and village-based movement. He has worked tirelessly for the past fifty-three years to build the Sarvodaya Movement based on Gandhian and Buddhist principles.

Sarvodaya’s success is known worldwide thanks to Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne. His village-based movement currently works in over 15,00 villages throughout Sri Lanka and is focused on an integrated approach to grassroots organizing for rural development and spiritual awakening.

Sarvodaya staff and families in Moratuwa gathered yesterday and today to celebrate this momentous occasion with ceremonies such as the ‘pirith’ (a Buddhist chanting ceremony) and an alms giving (offering of a meal) to 80 Buddhist monks and nuns.

The main felicitation event in honor of Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne’s 80th birthday will be held on the evening of Nov. 8th at the BMICH in Colombo under the patronage of the Hon. Prime Minister of Sri Lanka D.M.Jayarathne and over 2,000 invitees and Sarvodaya community leaders.

Sarvodaya invites all to share birthday wishes with Dr.Ari on this blog site:

Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement for the People in Need.