Workshop on Capacity Building of Telecentre Operators in Sri Lanka (September 26th/27th)

Telecentres are the only windows to Information Communication Technology in many parts of Sri Lanka. These are run by Telecentre operators, who have been trained to disperse this information. A workshop organized by Sarvodaya Shramadana Sangamaya and supported by the Information and Communications Technology Agency (ICTA) and, a collaborative initiative of IDRC in Canada and Microsoft was held on the 26th and 27th September for these operators. Titled “Networking Grassroots – ICT for People” the workshop provided a platform for these operators to share their experiences, table their problems, and seek solutions as a group. The program also aimed to develop the capabilities of the operators.

From Tsunami to Deshodaya; 6 Months and Beyond

It was exactly 180 days ago that the most devastating natural disaster hit the shores of our land. The Tsunami tragedy of December 26th 2004 did not discriminate against any religious, ethnic, class or caste differences. It took away the 40,000 lives and left nearly a million people homeless. Riding on the “waves of compassion” coming from all corners of the world, from people belonging to all walks of life, people with a big heart, Sarvodaya was able to get into action within 2 hours of disaster hitting Sri Lanka and continue to work towards reawakening Sri Lanka. On this day, when we look back on what we have been doing the past 6 months, we would like to again pay our gratitude to all these wonderful people and organizations who made it possible for Sarvodaya to do all what it did up to now to help recover from this tragedy and more importantly, as we reiterated in our Tsunami to Deshodaya Plan 6 months ago, all these contributing to CREATING A NEW SRI LANKA.

Holcim and Housing

One of the first companies that came forward to support Sarvodaya in the post tsunami housing scheme was Holcim. On 12th July 2005, 154 houses were handed over to the respective beneficiaries. Seventy-seven of these houses are in the villages of Balapitya, Brahmanawatte, and Mohottiwatte in Galle district while thirty-seven are in Randombe village in Ambalangoda. Forty houses were handed over in the villages of Kottegoda, Suduwella, and Batigama in Matara district.