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January 21, 2005

A Brief Update


Today was a busy day for the website with, finally, a migration to a professional server. It was also a busy day at Sarvodaya. This is news from Sarvodaya Central of course, whereas the real work is taking place in the districts.

There are many visitors coming through with Video Cameras, on their way out to the camps. Today there were guests from Switzerland. This is also the tail end of the Sarvodaya supported Blue Ribbon Campaign to

Provide exercise books, stationary and other necessities for children affected by the tsunami catastrophe.

Also a brief thanks should be given to the United Sri Lanka Association, a group of Sri Lankan expatriates living in Wellington, New Zealand. With the help of the New Zealanders in and around Wellington they raised almost 20 million Rupees. Though Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, it only has a population of only 400000 people here. Therefore collecting that amount in a short period was very difficult task, but as a result of a good plan, organisation and the commitment, we managed to collect this amount in a very short period ( little more than one week ) The people gave their time so generously to help USLA make this valuable contribution to the relief effort and they are appreciated.

Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement for the People in Need.