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Improving Livelihoods, the Eco-friendly Way

Kahamodara Fishing Village, Tangalle, Hambantota. Sarvodaya is collaborating with the government and the fishing community in Kahamodara to build an eco-friendly fishing village. The project has 3 goals:

  • livelihood development
  • promotion of environmentally-sound fishing
  • community-based travel within the local community

The project will enable fisher folk regain their livelihood, and travel easily from their relocated village to the boat yard. It will also simultaneously enable conservation of coastal resources.

Hon. Minister A. H. M. Fauzei attending the opening ceremony of the project.

A total number of 40 families will benefit directly from this project. Sarvodaya is providing financial support, as well as organizing and facilitating all the community-level activities. We are actively consulting with relevant officers in the Fisheries Department, Costal Conservation Authority, Urban Development Authority, and Ministry of Environment and Natural Resource to ensure that development and conservation goals are seamlessly melded, and the community experiences the full benefits of the project.

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  1. Mun

    I’m interested in volunteering during my vacations period but I find it hard to find how to do that. I came across your page through the internet.
    I could fly out on the 29th July and stay up until the 17th August. I know it’s not much but is all I can offer. I could move my vacations to the 12th August and then stay for two weeks if it’s more suitable for you, only I should know asap since I have to inform my company.
    My background is biology and at present I work as a senior Environmental Consultant but I’m willing to do any kind of tasks, not only related to my background
    I would like to cover up for my expenses directly.
    I speak English, Spanish and French fluently and I have a good knowledge of Portuguese and some basic skills in German.
    Please if there’s a job for me let me know asap so I can deal with the plane ticket and stuff. Not sure whether I need a visa. I have a European passport.
    Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible
    Muntsa (that’s a women’s name just so you know)

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