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Tsunami Housing Project


Housing is an important component of the Sarvodaya Tsunami reconstruction programme. In the 1st Phase of the House Reconstruction Programme, we are aiming to complete 1176 houses and we have already started our construction works in the districts of Galle and Kalutara. Within next few weeks we will start construction work in the other districts namely, Trincomallee, Batticoloa and Ampara. The following is a Summary of the progress of House Construction in the 2 districts of Galle and Kalutara.

Weekly Progress



Weekly Progress



Venamulla Housing Project
House construction at Wenamulla

Compiled by Sanjeewa Illangakoon, Project Engineer (Housing)


  1. glenn Behrmann


    My girlfriend and I are interested in your program to construct housing in
    Sri Lanka.
    I’m a qualified electrical engineer with lots of hands-on experience in electrical and
    electronics work; I’ve done lots of house wiring & power systems, antenna work, etc., and could we be helpful ie. getting power into these new places (esp scholls or clinics, community centers, whatever), helping the electricians, training & helping installers, etc.
    She would rather do a little more ‘people’-oriented work, but is also an electrical engineer.

    Can you use us for 2-3 weeks? We’d like to come in September or so.

    many thanks in advance, keep up your good works, and looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,

    Glenn Behrmann
    Zürich Switzerland
    +41 76 300 8860

  2. moladi

    We would like to take this opportunity to introduce moladi as a solution to the slow delivery of inferior low cost housing as well as addressing the crucial shortage of skills.
    Traditionally bricks or blocks are moulded in a small mould and then laboriously stacked by an artisan, sandwiched with mortar, chopping it to place the water and electrical pipes and then plaster. Combining a re usable recyclable lightweight plastic injection moulded formwork system, branded as moladi we create a mould the size of the designed house and cast all the services in situ with a South African Bureau of Standards approved lightweight aerated mortar (Agrément Certificate 94/231) creating a cast in situ monolithic reinforced walling system, eliminating chasing, beam filling, plastering and waste. The result, a fast track cost effective, transferable construction technology.

    MCS is a based in Port Elizabeth and global supplier of a fast track building system that offers: –

    STRONGER THAN BRICK – An affordable technique to effectively build durable, earthquake, cyclone resistant shelter, whilst maintaining acceptable design aesthetics for social acceptability amongst a wide range of cultures
    SPEED – One house in one day with one mould or many houses in one day with many moulds
    SAVINGS – A cost effective, holistic design and build technology, that far outweighs many of today’s retrofit schemes designed to strengthen existing poorly designed structures by demonstrating the use of moladi as opposed to costly solid concrete-block, masonry structures or timber frame units
    INNOVATIVE – A realistic modern alternative to overcoming the widespread misuse of scarce materials, particularly timber, by introducing a system that combines moladi with other indigenous materials suitable for easy handling
    JOB CREATION – An alternative way to enable and empower sections of society by providing a building technology that encourages self participation
    ENVIROMENT – Reduce pollution and environmental destruction of our natural ecology by addressing the poor living conditions of billions of poverty stricken communities who are one of the major sectors of society that contribute to global warming.

    You are invited to visit our website at: to have a look at the advantages that warrant moladi being awarded the prestigious South African Bureau of Standards Design Award and how your organization and communities can benefit from our Technology.

  3. subramanian


    We wish to introduce our selves that our Rural Development Afforestation
    Society(RDAS) is a legally registered non-governmental organisationduly registered with Government of Tamil Nadu under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 27 of 1975, vide its registration number 56 of 1995. Its main activities are environmental related programmes to be implemented in the rural areas. During this year RDAS implemented successfully the programme on tree plantation with the kind assistance extended by the Rain Forest Information Centre(RIC) of Australia and the same programme is to be completed in the month of Janyary 2005.

    Details of the Chief Functionary of the organization:
    The Chief Functionary of this organization is Mr.P.Subramanian . He is the Secretary of this organization and having vast in the field of nursery raising and tree plantation activities. He is already working as staff in Annamalai Reforestration Society(ARS) in Tiruvannamalai in the past years. He underwent number of training programmes relates to environmental issues conducted by different training institutions. Recently he underwent one training programme on Pharmaculture organized by Buddha society @ Kaniyambadi Village of Vellore District. The duration of the training course
    is 12 days.

    Problem faced recently in Tamil Nadu:

    On 26th December 2004 the different places like Indonesia, Andaman, Thailand, Tamil Nadu and other places were badly affected Tsunami tidal waves. Especially in our Tamil Nadu, Chennai the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Nagapattinam, Villuipuram, Cuddallore, Kancheepuram and Pondicherry was badly affected and as an average of 8000 no.of people were died in this natural disaster i.e Tsunami. As an average of 40to 50 thousands of people were lost their houses and their own things. This is our Governments recent statistics. Especially among the died persons 40% of the affected persons were childrens and elders above the age of 60. Now the affected people were under tree shades and some where in community centres and school buildings. They don’t have residence now. At the same time out of 8000 no.of dead bodies 80% of the bodies
    only were identified and the remaining bodies were not yet identified by rescue operation people working under our Government of Tamil Nadu.

    Calamity Relief activities sofar carried out by the Government machinery:
    In these tsunami affected areas, our Tamil Nadu Government doing rescue operations with the help of Police people, Fire service people and with like minded people like Non-Governmental organizations those working in the affected districts as well as in adjoining districts. In this regard we wish to submit that the NGOs co-ordination is upto 65% in this rescue operations.
    Apart from this in all the towns and urban areas in our Tamil Nadu various types of NGOs, colleges, schools, political parties, business people etc., were collecting cloths, rice, cash, vessels, and other needed things from the publics as donations and send the same to the affected people through special arrangements made by them.

    Rescue operation work done by our RDAS organization:
    We send our rural volunteers to the tsunami affected areas of Villupuram and Cuddallore districts of Tamil Nadu which is very nearer to our Tiruvannamalai District. They were doing their activities like identified dead bodies and injured persons, transport the elders to the nearest safer places allotted by our Tamil Nadu Government, and other related works like distributing food packets, assist with the medical team to provide health /medicinal assistance to the affected persons. They were working with the Government machinery in this operation. We meet our their personal expenses on their transportation and other expenses relates to their immediate needs like foods etc., with our own resources.

    Immediate needs in the tsunami affected areas:
    Most of the affected people are in need of medical assistance first of all, and then they need Shelter facilities with some cooking vessels and cloths with rice and cooking items like rice, dhall, and drinking water etc., We wish to state that in the tsunami affected areas more number of dead bodies were not identified by the rescue operation people due to various reasons. Most of them were releasing bad small at present. All most all of the affected areas water resources are polluted by this dead bodies. Apart from human bodies animal bodies were also merged with the


    land. Due to this quatic conditions the remaining people were living with the need of pure safe water for drinking purpose.

    Proposed plan of RDAS in this tsunami affected areas:
    We are in a position to do the calamity relief works like providing safe drinking water , Cloths, medical assistance, providing cooking vessels etc., to the remaining tsunami affected people in Villupuram and Cuddallore districts. We have number of volunteers to work for this need based task. But our organisation not having funds to provide all these things to the affected people.

    Request to the donors:
    To Provide the needed basic amenities to the tsunami affected people of these two districts which is very nearer to our Tiruvannamalai District i.e. Villupuram and Cuddallore Districs We need some medicine assistance and some finanancial assistance to provide the basic things to the affected people as stated above. We will have to provide these assistance to 10,000 no.of tsunami affected people of 7 villages in these two districts.


    Respected sir,

    Warm greetings from RDAS, Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu.

    We wish to introduce ourselves that our’s is a non governmental organization duly registered with our Tamil Nadu government under societies registration act 27 of 1975. From the inception of our RDAS, it is working in the field of child development, environment with special reference to tree plantation and nursery raising activities in our district. For your kind information, we are the partners of Rain Forest Information Centre,Australia for the past 2 years and completed one tree plantation project and now we implemented on Women vocational training programme with the assistance of the above said organization at present. This is for your kind information.

    We came to know that your good agency supporting NGO’s to implement programmes on welfare of childrens in various target. In this regard we wish to apply for one programme on street children and working children in our target area to develop them through by providing education and orphanage facilities to them.

    Relates to this, we herewith submit one proposal as per your guidelines and norms along with our all organizational details. We request that, kindly go through our project proposal favourably, and also request that our proposal may please be considered favourably and needed administrative support with financial assistance may also please be extended to our organization as early as possible.

    Thanking you sir,

    Yours sincerely.


    Encl: Project proposal

    General information on the organization:

    Back ground information on the applying NGO (including information on the legal status):

    a. Name of the applying organization : RURAL DEVELOPMENT AFFORESTTION

    b. Address for communication : Melkachirapattu village,
    Meyyur Post,
    Tiruvannamalai Taluk,
    Tiruvannamalai District,
    Pin: 606 753
    Tamil Nadu, South India.

    c. Name of the contact persion : P.Subramanian

    d. Designation : Secretary

    e. Legal status of the applying organization: RDAS is a legally registered organization
    duly registered under Tamil Nadu Societies
    Registration Act 27 of 1975 with
    Government of Tamil Nadu

    f. Regn.No.and date of registration : Registeration No. 56/1995
    Date of registration :

    g. Phone No. : Nil

    h. Fax : Nil

    i. E.Mail : [email protected]

    j. Bank details :
    Name of the Bank : Indian Overseas Bank,
    Address of the Bank : Big Street,
    Tiruvannamalai Town,
    Tiruvannamalai District,
    : Tamil Nadu. Pin. 606 601

    Account Number : 17758

    Swift code no. : IOBAINBB001

    Description of the organizational and decision making structure of the NGO:

  4. kareem

    i like to fello and know your society.please i wont job in your NGO,Please help me

    343/1,pilavady lane
    sri lanka

  5. Masumkhan

    BSW & MSW
    (Development Cosultant)
    Shahana Manzil, Khori Galli, Latur-413512, Maharashtra State, India.
    Mobile:9422657141 E-mail:[email protected]

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  6. [email protected]

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Greetings from BGM Social Service Centre!

    BGM Social Service Centre as an NGO established in 1996, registered under Indian Charitable Trust Act. The Organisation serves at eastern part of Thiruvananthapuram District, the lap of Agasthya vanam one of the precious hills of Sahya Hills. Generally speaking, the geographical area of operation is located at the western Ghats of South India. And since the beginning, the programmes of BGM Social Service Centre are of contiguous to the rural people. The main activities under the area of operation are in touch with all aspects of the rural development. For e.g. Awareness classes and camps; evening schools for all ages; training in productive activities; health and sanitation; Infra Structural development activities like, construction of drinking water wells, sanitary latrines etc. Income generating activities through micro institutions viz. Self Help Groups (SHGs) helped the rural women to get a stand for their limited living standards. Environment Development Programmes also run through our promotional activities. We are acting as a promotional catalyst in such activities.
    We expect your golden hands to support us for the help for any one of the activities.We are looking forward for your assistance from you by grant.
    Also we need volunteeres.
    deatils are in our

    Here we are paying off our sincere prayer for all blessings for your Activities in developing countries.

    Thanking You.

    Faithfully Yours,

    K. Wilson,
    Director for BGM Social Service Centre,
    [email protected]

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