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Orphanage Plans – Suwasetha

Suwasetha is the branch of Sarvodaya responsible for the care of the elderly, disabled, and orphans. Today an architect visited Sarvodaya to discuss the plans for expanding a Suwasetha orphanage in Galle. This post includes her presentation below.

At the moment the 21 girls (5 years – 12 years)are housed in a post-colonial structure. There is an urgent need for upgrade in quality because, as Awakening Council member Chandra Jayaratne said, these children deserve every possible opportunity.

The specific plans put forward by the architech include a new addition to the existing structure which she envisioned as a ‘playful nest’ where the building encloses a secure play area. The building would have office space, dining and study areas, and cooling ventilation through a partially open roof design. The children will also have more personal space to store their own things and develop independent interests.

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  1. Joanne

    I’m an 18 yr old who is interested in teaching English or just help out in any ways possible as a volunteer. Where do I start?

  2. S. Peart

    I’d like to find out if it is possible to adopt a Sri Lankan orphan?
    I am 38yrs old and childless. I am unable to have children of my own and have thought for many years about adopting from overseas. Particularly, I would like to provide a new life and education to a girl who lives in a part of the world that does not value females in the same way as males, and where her future would otherwise be grim.

    Can you please advise if this is possible?


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