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Dr. Fiona: Sarvodaya Health Clinic

Hendala Palliyawatte Church
Saturday 12th February 2005
Report by Dr Fiona Smith

I participated in one of two medical clinics set up to treat local people affected by the tsunami in a district north of Colombo. These clinics were coordinated by the Gampaha District Sarvodaya centre, with volunteers from the Sarvodaya Shanti Sena unit as staff.

I spent the day helping seven Sri Lankan doctors and a number of other volunteers who dispensed the medicines we prescribed and provided wound care. We worked under the porch of a church with only basic medical equipment such as our stethoscopes and blood pressure machines…. A far cry from the sophistication I am used to in the UK. Despite this we were able to treat most people satisfactorily and had a good range of donated medicines at our disposal.

The clinic started somewhat slowly but the message soon got out that we there and before long we were very busy. It was mainly women with children and the elderly who turned up for assistance, waiting patiently in turn to be seen. We must have treated over three hundred people in one clinic alone that day.

The most common conditions diagnosed in the children were bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma. The adults were affected by the same illnesses in addition to needing medication for diabetes and high blood pressure. Fortunately there was not a single case of diarrhoea reported. The volunteers at the wound care bench were kept busy with cleaning and dressing infected cuts and grazes.

Apart from physical ailments many people were also suffering from stress and anxiety-related problems following the tsunami. For these problems a listening ear, loving support and a smile was the best treatment we could give them at the time. Obviously these people are in need of trauma counselling and psycho-spiritual healing in the long term. This will be provided by Sarvodaya volunteers in the future, but our hope today was by showing support and compassion we could at least start the healing process on its way.


  1. subramanian

    Rural Development Afforestation Socity (RDAS)
    Melkachirappattu Village,
    Meyyur Post,
    Tiruvannamalai Taluk & District, Tamil Nadu ,Pin:606 753
    South India
    Email: [email protected]


    Respected Madam,

    Sub: Tsunami Disaster – in Tamil Nadu (India) – calamity relief services –
    Tsunami relief Team of NGOs – doing so far – Rehabilitation programmes to
    be implemented proposal submitted – Sanction- requested – regarding.

    Cordial Greetings from TSUNAMI Relief Team of NGOs in Tamil Nadu, India

    We wish to introduce ourselves that, the applying network of NGO’s i.e. Tsunami Relief Team is consisting dedicated 5 No. of NGO’s of Tiruvannamalai District and doing Tsunami Relief efforts in the Tsunami affected areas of Villupuram and Cuddallore Districts of Tamil Nadu From 27th December 2004, the next day of Tsunami disaster (26th December 2004). As an average of 50 no. of our volunteers were working in the Tsunami affected areas with the Government Machinery like Police people, Fire service people by way of transporting the affected people to safer places, transporting the injured persons in the nearby Hospitals, Providing their immediate needs of Rice, Cloths etc.. As on this applying date, we raise local donation from our service areas from the elite group, as well as from the public, like minded people. At the same time, we conducted clear survey on what are the needs of the Tsunami affected people through our field level intervention.

    During the NGO coordination meetings conducted by the District Collectors of Cuddalure and Naga Pattinam in last week the Collectors instructed the participant NGOs to implement any type of Rehabilitation programmes among the Tsunami affected villages to bring the people into regular life with the long term goal of sustainability if possible immediately, because in almost all the Tsunami affected areas emergency Relief Services were so far implemented to the best by different NGOs / Agencies so far. Hence we design the Rehabilitation programmes with a request to consider at the earliest.

    Based on this we herewith submit one Tsunami Rehabilitation project Proposal which is to be implemented among the Tsunami affected areas of 2 Districts. i.e. Cuddallore and Naga pattinam Districts to bring the Tsunami affected people from the Tsunami fear and problem and to regularize their daily life with all needed facilities and to promote income generation opportunities and for there sustainability. The detailed project proposal is herewith enclosed for your kind information. Also, we wish to state that, for this proposed programme to get good results of the programme. We will have to adopt only 10 villages for this programme as first phase.(Five Villages in Each Districts)

    Hence, We request that kindly go through our proposal and our Tsunami Rehabilitation effort proposal may please be considered favorably at your end, and needed financial assistance may also please be released to us in the name of “WOMEN’s EDUCATION AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY” (WEEDS) a member organization in our Net-Work having FCRA number to mobilize foreign money at an early date.

    Apart from all these things, we request that, kindly provide your valuable guidance’s and instruction to implement the programme in better and proper way to get cent percent success and to to bring the Tsunami affected people from their tragedy soon. Please send your all guidance’s and instructions, correspondences to the following E.Mail ids to avoid unnecessary delay in future..

    1, [email protected] (Convenor of this Tsunami Relief Team)
    2, [email protected] ( P.Subramanian) RDAS

    Thanking you and expecting your earlier kind assistance to continue our Tsunami rehabilitation effort at an early date, please.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Tsunami Relief Team,

    Copy Submitted to :

    With a request recommend this proposal to the funding sector addressed in this letter and also requested that if possible please recommend this proposal to any agencies which are well known to you with needed remarks, please

    E.Mail : [email protected]



    01. Information regarding the Tsunami Relief Team :-

    1, Name and Address of the Member NGO’s of Tsunami Relief Team with the Name and Designation of Conduct Persons:-

    a) Mr.A.Natarajan,
    Executive Secretary,
    Tribal Rural Urban Service Society (TRUSS)
    143-A, Min Nagar 5th Street,
    Vengikkal Post, Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, Pin:606 604
    South India
    Ph. 91-4175-232623
    E.Mail : [email protected]

    b) Mr.P.Subramanian,
    Rural Development Afforestation Socity (RDAS)
    Melkachirappattu Village,
    Meyyur Post,
    Tiruvannamalai Taluk & District, Tamil Nadu ,Pin:606 753
    South India
    Email: [email protected]

    c) Mr.,K.Magesh
    Women’s Education and Economic Development Society (WEEDS)
    Mashaar Village,
    Kallari Padi Post,
    Chengam Taluk, Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu, Pin:606 753
    South India

    d) Mr.C.Rama Moorthi
    Secretary, E.Mail :
    Multipurpose Organisation for Rural Education & Economics (MORE)
    Pazangur Village & Post,
    Tirukoilur Taluk, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu, Pin:605 751
    South India
    E.Mail: [email protected]

    e) Mr.P.Rajendiran
    Society for Education and Advancement (SEA)
    No.49, Gingee Main Road,
    So.Kilnachippattu Village & Post,
    Tiruvannamalai Taluk & District, Tamil Nadu, Pin:606 611
    South India


    02. What type of activity to be carried out in the tsunami affected areas to provide
    rehabilitation to the affected people. State the reason for this.

    We will have to implement some vocational training programmes to the women and adolescent girls of this tsunami affected areas to raise their skill training knowledge and to promote their per capita income to stand on their own leg without any others help atleast in future. Also, we have to implement some rehabilitation activities for the welfare of affected children those who are lost their parents in the disaster affected areas by way of starting and maintaining orphanages to them in the district headquarters of Cuddallore and Nagapattinam Districts. We will have to provide needed food, cloths,education,health care to these orphan children through this programme. Apart from this we have an idea to provide recreation facilities to them to overcome from tsunami fear and to promote good qualities among them.

    Secondly, the living people those affected in tsunami disaster were lost their fishing nets and boats, and they need new nets, and boats and repairs to the same to continue their own jobs. Hence, we will have to provide training programmes on how to prepare the nets, and in carpentry trade to the youths of fishermen communities. We expect that after this training they will comeforward to manufacture the fishing nets in their own areas, and comeforward to repair the damaged boats etc,

    Thirdly, all most all of the affected area people .were lost their huts, houses in this disaster. Now they were accommodated in temporary shelters, school buildings, public buildings temporarily. In this situation, they requested us to provide housing assistance for their own use. For this, we have an idea to build low cost houses 500 meters away from seaside to atleast 250 no. of affected families from 5 villages.

    These three things is to be immediately done in the tsunami affected villages to rehabilitate the affected people and to bring sustainability among them. At the same time, these things were insisted by concern District Collectors to us while at the time of NGO’s co-ordination meeting conducted by the District Collectors in last week. Hence we propose this as need based one at this moment. .

    03. Experience of the Tsunami Relief Team in emergency Relief efforts in the past years:

    This Tsunami Relief Team having much experience in working in emergency efforts while at the time of Flood held in November 1996 and in Drought periods. We carrying out resource operation like transporting affected persons by blood to the near by safer areas, and providing their immediate basic needs of Rice, Cloths, etc.. by collecting the same from target village people and from elite people of target villages and distributed the same to the affected people co.odinating with the health team working in the blood affected areas, and provide trauma counseling to the affected people about blood etc.. Also, we already working with the rural development department people (Block Administration) in drought well, tank desilting works etc.. In some times, we provide our physical assistance to the people at the time of fire accidents in slum areas of target villages.


    04. How many volunteers available with the team of tsunami relief effort as on applying
    date ?

    We now having 50 to 60 no. of rural volunteers as on date. We now mobilizing the services of 30 volunteers in Tsunami affected areas. In future on getting this programme assistance. We will have to utilize the all volunteers in the proposed programme.

    05. If medical assistance to be provided in the Tsunami affected areas, What are the
    source to be mobilized for providing Health assistance to the affected people?

    We will have to utilize the services of the locally available well- Experienced / Well qualified medical officers & Team in near by the affected villages to provide health assistance to Tsunami affected people once in 15 days by paying honorarium to the Medical Officer and the team staff. The needed medicine will be procured by ourselves for free distribution to the patients as prescribed by the Medical Officer.

    06. How the proposed Tsunami relief fund will be utilized by the Tsunami Relief Team,
    explain the details:-

    We wish to state, the applying Tsunami relief Team in functioning as net work of dedicated NGO’s of Tiruvannmalai District to recover the Tsunami affected people from their Tsunami fear with the intension to regularize their life to normal.

    This team consisting 5 partner NGO’s of Tiruvannamalai District and carrying out its Disaster relief efforts in its target areas as per guidance and instruction isasu8ed by its convener then and there for proper implementation of the programme. Among this 5 organizations, the partner NGO of WEEDS having status to mobilize foreign money and duly registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi under FCR Act, to mobilize the foreign money.

    We will have to mobilize this proposed Tsunami Relief Grant through this FCRA account and then disbursed the project amount to the member NGO’s of this team as per project proposal. The work of each member organization will be supervised by the Convener of this team, and needed project reports will also be collected and compiled by the convener of the team and submitted to the funding agency. On completion of the project, the whole project accounts will be submitted to the Chartered Accountant of FCRA having organization and then the clear audited statement will also be obtained from him for utilizing the project amount. Then it will be submitted to the funding sector along with final Project Implementation Report (PIR) at the end of the proposed programme.

    07. Information Regarding the proposed programme :-

    a) Title of the Proposed Programme:-

    “To implement rehabilitation programmes to promote sustainability
    among the tsunami affected target group to regularize their life
    style in mere future.”


    b) Duration of the Programme

    One year from the date of implementation of the programme

    c) Details of the areas to be adopted for the proposed disaster relief effort

    For this proposed programme, we will have to adopt 5 villages in each Districts i.e., Cuddllore and Nagapattinam districts as allotted by the concern District administration. Because, the recent instruction of our Tamil Nadu Government is the villages to be adopted for Tsunami relief effort is to be allotted by the concern District administration i.e. The District Collector’s to the NGO’s / Well wishers to control the workload of Government. In this situation, we now in a position, not to furnish the exact village list in this proposal. The same will be furnished at the time of programme implementation.

    d) Past Activities of the Tsunami Relief Team in carrying out Relief efforts as on
    date :-
    In this connection, we will have to furnish the following real factors for your kind information. The Tsunami tidal wave disaster was actually happened on last 26th December 2004. We heard the tragedies of the same through media on the same date, and send messages to our rural volunteers immediately, and organize them in our partner NGO’s offices to discussion about the activities to be carried out up to our level for the sake of affected people. On completion of our discussion with our volunteers, we came to conclusion that immediately we will have to move to victim spot to help the affected people in any way. Our Executive Committee Members of each member organization are also accept this one and come along with us to proceed to the programme spots.

    The next day, i.e 27th and 28th of December 2004. We instruct our member NGO’s to raise local donation from the target village people and from elite group by way of collecting cash, Cloth and rice up to their willing. In mean time, we send our part of volunteers to the victim spots which is nearer to our district in Villupuram and Cuddallore to do their help in the programme spots to the affected people, wish giving instructions to them, to co. ordinate with the Government machinery already who were carrying out their resource operation in the Tsunami affected areas.

    On 29th, we went to victims spots with the locally raised cash, rice and cloths and distributed to the affected people to satisfy their basic needs to our level best.

    After that we working with the Government departments like Medical Team, Police people, Fire service people in rescue operations and continuing our humanitarian assistance to our level best as on this date.

    d) Assessment of the area problems while at the time of field level intervention:-

    We access the following facts, while at the time of our field level

    • All most all the houses and huts were destroyed and demolished in this Tsunami
    tidal wave.

    • Among these 3 districts as an average of 3500 no. of people were died as on date.

    • More number of elders lost their families and relatives in this district.

    • More number of children was lost their parents and now in the stage of orphans.

    • All most all of the people were lost their houses, household things in this disaster
    and now they were accommodated in schools and Public buildings and some of
    them were under tree shadows.

    • All most all of the school going children were lost their school book materials,
    Note books and Uniforms in this disaster and in a stage to not to continue their
    school studies for want of all these things.

    • More number of people including children were mentally affected and having
    Tsunami fear at present.

    • In all most all Tsunami affected areas, the existing living people were in need of
    safe drinking Water, through the same in provided by the Government and in

    • More number of people were physically, as well as mentally affected in this
    Tsunami disaster and need frequent health assistance immediately.

    • More number of affected families are fishermen Communities. They lost their
    fishing nets and due to this, they were in a stage to purchase new one to continue
    their own jobs.

    • The women, adolescent girls and youths were in need of skill training
    programmes to raise their skills, and their income sources alternative to fishing

    f) Objectives of the Organization:-

    • To bring the Tsunami affected people in to regular life without Tsunami fear.

    • To conduct orphanage to the children those who were lost their parents in the
    recent tsunami disaster.


    • To implement skill training programmes on need basis among women, adolescent
    girls and youths among the fishermen communities in the tsunami affected areas
    to promote their per capita income.

    • To provide proper health care to prevent them from health hazards, waterborn deceases etc..

    • To provide needed educational materials to the school going children to continue their school education.

    • To conduct trauma counseling to the target area people to remove the Tsunami fear from them.

    g) Activities to be carried out in the programme villages:-

    ◊ To provide basic needs to the Tsunami affected people.

    ◊ To provide proper health care by organizing medical camps in each target village
    once in 15 days.

    ◊ To provide safe drinking Water facilities

    ◊ To Conduct orphanage to orphan children.

    ◊ To provide educational materials like book materials, notebooks and other things
    to the school going children.

    ◊ To conduct skill Training programme to the affected area women, adolescent girls and youths and to promote income generation opportunities in future to promote their per capita income.

    ◊ To conduct trauma counseling system to the Tsunami affected people.

    ◊ To repair the existing damaged houses. And to construct the new lost cost houses in the victims area to 250 families in 5 villages in each districts.

    ◊ To conduct cultural programmes to the children as well as among target village
    people to change their mind from Tsunami fever and then feed back needed
    awareness concepts among them.



    Through our field level interventions in the past days, we access many more things in the affected villages, by interviewing the individuals and from others, and then we decide in consultation with our team member NGO’s Executive Committee as well as with the target people, regarding the immediate needs to be fulfilled among them to regularize their own life style. We also request that, if any rectification need, and or to guide us the proposed programme in proper way for betterment of the needy Tsunami affected people.

    If this proposal is accepted from your side, we request that kindly transfer the project cost to the FCRA account of “Women’s Education and Economic Development Society (WEEDS) Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu account for easy encashment immediately and to carryout and continue our Tsunami relief efforts.

    Apart from all these things, we request that, kindly make all your future correspondence relating to this programme to the following

    e.mail id: trusskarai108@

    with a copy marked to the

    e.mail id: rdas123123@

    Because, the first e.mail id. Organization Executive Secretary is a Convener for this Tsunami Relief Team and able to answer all your queries and correspondence immediately to build up our future rapport and to work for needy target group.

    Thanking you and expecting your early favorable reply, please.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Tsunami Relief Team.

    Itemized Budgetary Estimate Required to Execute the Rehabilitation Programme:-

    S.No. Details of Activities Requested
    Amount Rs.
    (1) (2) (3)
    1. Educational Materials to Children
    Book Materials, Note Books & Uniforms to 1125 Children’s each @Rs.240/-

    2, Orphanage to Children
    Expenses on Orphanage Children including all admissible charges for 50 children’s in 2 places for 12 month’s 6,87,500

    3, Vocational Training to Women & Adolescent girls
    Expenditure on Tailoring Training Programme to 200 Women (5centers)
    Tailoring Machine Cost 3,500 X 25 no’s = 87,500
    Stipend @ Rs.250/- per month for 200 No’s = 50,000
    Tailoring Instructors Salary Rs.1,500 X 3 months X 5 no’s = 22,500
    Raw material Cost (LS) = 95,000
    4, Training to Youths
    Expenses on E.D.P Training to 250 No of Youths in 5 Centers
    Stipend @ Rs.250 X 250 No’s ( 3 Month Training) = 62,500
    Trainers Honorarium 5 No’s each @ Rs.2,500/- = 12,500
    Cost of Training materials Rs.25,000/- per center for 5 Centers = 1,25,000
    Training centre rent in 5 areas each @ Rs.1000/=p.m. for 12 months
    5, Basic Needs to Target Groups
    Expenditure on Rice with Provisions to 500 no. of families X Rs.750 3,75,000

    6, Safe Drinking Water
    Installation of Sintex Water Tanks ( 500 Liters Capacity ) in Ten Villages each @ Rs.2,500 X 10 No’s + Installation Charges. 48,750

    7, Expr.on repairing of houses to 250 families
    (50 families in 5 villages) Rs.25000/=per house x250 Nos. 62,50,000

    8, Salary to Programme Co-ordinator
    @ Rs.4,000/- per month X 12 Monthsx2 persons
    9, Rent for Office Building
    Rs.1,000/- X 12 Monthsx2 Districts 24,000

    10, Documentation, Auditing, Reporting & Evaluation (LS) 25,000
    11, Escalation cost (LS) 1,74,000
    TOTAL 84,65,250
    Requested amount is Rs.84,65,250/=(Rupees Eighty four lakhs sixty five thousand two
    hundred and fifty only)

    Tsunami Relief Team.

    Tsunami Relief Team
    List of Villages affected by recent TSUNAMI disaster happened in Tamil Nadu – South India on 26th Dec.2004.

    Cuddalore District Nagapattinam District

    1, ParangiPettai
    2, Killi Kadarkarai
    3, Samyarpettai
    4, Chennur
    5, PuduPettai
    6, VelangrankPettai
    7, Pudupattai
    8, Mulukkuduarai
    9, MGR Theidu
    10, Sinna Vaical
    11, Karai Medu
    12, Pule Medu
    13, TS Pattai
    14, Singara Thopu
    15, Sothi Thopu
    16, Rasa Pettai
    17, Thaikkal Thonithurai
    18, Kannikoil

    1, Naga Pattinam
    2, Serkolize
    3, Nagore
    4, Therangampattai
    5, Poraiyour
    6, Thirumulaivayal
    7, Chandrapadi
    8, Uppanour
    9, Maliladudurai
    10, Velankanni
    11, Vatharaniam
    12, Kadikarai
    13, Vettai karan Erupa
    14, Ramaiswarm
    15, Kovil Pattu
    16, Poombukar
    17, Petenicherry
    18, Podupattinam
    19, Sedrudour
    20, Manian Theviu
    21, Karun Kulam
    22, Perakuthakai
    23, Puspavannam
    24, Vellaipalam
    25, Thoppukarai
    26, Nallu Vethpathi
    27, Vananvan Maha Devi
    28, Kadiyakadu
    29, Seruthalikadu
    30, Kullai Theivu
    31, Akkarai Pettai
    32, Eatchan Kuppam
    33, Namenon Nagar
    34, Seruthur
    35, Ariyanattuthru
    36, Atchana Pettai
    37, Samathanna Pettai
    38, Maraimalai Nagar
    39, Arram Pettai
    40, Velan Thottam
    41, Nammyur Nagar
    42, Keladi Nagar


  2. subramanian

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    Sub: Request – Sending format Guidelines on 2005 – 2006 to funding programme tsunami areas work ngo Application Regarding

    Greetings From RDAS,

    Rural Development Afforestation Society is an NGO, NON-Profit Seeking, Secular Voluntary organization, having are the Relevant legal status, Registered on 1995, under TN Society act of 27 of 1975 and foreign contribution Act of 1976 with ministry of home affairs, Govt. of India, New Delhi from the inception of our RDAS, it is working in the filed of child development, environment with special reference to tree planting and nursery raising activities in our district for your kind information, we are the partners of Rain Forest information centre, Australia for The past 2 years programme tree plantation project and now we implemented on women vocational training programme with the assistance of the above said organisation at present, This is for your kind in formation. RDAS environmental ecology management training centre.

    We came to know that your good agency supporting NGOs to implement programmes on welfare of Dhalith Women and disadvantage street child, farmers, woman in various target group fisher family ,dhalith community land development ,child welfare .

    RDAS chief focus, commitment is with disabled people and Rural Disadvantage welfare programme and rural disadvantaged women and children. We here by request you to be kind enough by sending your format/ literature/ brochures for 2005 – 2006, There by we would like to joint

    With your mission.

    1. Thanking you Rural Development Afforestation Socity (RDAS)
    Melkachirappattu Village,
    Meyyur Post,
    Tiruvannamalai Taluk & District, Tamil Nadu ,Pin:606 753
    South India
    Email: [email protected]

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