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Anita’s Love


“My name is Anita Kumudini Roellin. I was born in Panadura – south of Sri Lanka. When I was two months old my mother had given me for adoption to Sarvodaya Suwasetha. I was fortunate to find loving and caring foster parents from Switzerland few months after. I grew up in the DavosGR Mountains with my brother Philipp Ranjan who is also an adopted child from Sri Lanka. After 23 years I came last March looking for my original mother in Panadura area but could not find her. Instead I met my big and affectionate Suwasetha family. I am a qualified psychiatric therapist and a nurse. Immediately after I heard about Tsunamis killer wave I came back and now working with Sarvodaya as a volunteer round the clock helping in relief work especially in the field of medical and child care. I am going back tomorrow, hoping to come again in summer.”

Anita Kumudini

You can view a slideshow of Anita’s excellent photographs here.


  1. caroline

    my dear anita!
    what is the right thing to say…
    you are in my heart!
    thank you for your friendship.
    take care and stay strong.

  2. Kathi Moriel

    I would like to come and help with the children in anyway. I have unlimited time and experience and education in early childhood education,dayc are and pre scho;ll start up and my hearts desire is to try and help these children long term.
    Kathi Moriel

  3. Shirani W

    Anita – You are truly a remarkable young lady – so full of gratitude and compassion and you do us proud. Wish you success in all your future endeavours. Shirani

  4. adele and alex and all her friends in switzerland

    dear anita,
    we are all so very pround of you and lucky to have the honour to say “we are friends of anita roellin”. you are great and we love you!

  5. Bettina Hess

    dear Anita
    My heart ist with you and your friends in sri lanka in this very tense and sad time!Be strong!!!Big kisses Bettina

  6. Reto von Wartburg

    Liebe Anita

    Ich weiss gar nicht recht, was ich sagen soll?! Finde es einfach unglaublich bemerkenswert und vorbildlich, wie du dich einsetzt. Ich bin mir sicher, dass du ganz vielen Menschen in diesem Dorf wieder die ntige Hoffnung gibst.
    Freue mich, dich in der Schweiz mal wieder zu treffen.

    Love, Reto.

  7. sandi-drinsk und carne

    Dich als Freundin haben zu drfen, ist ein riesen Geschenk.
    Ich weiss, du warst nicht nur fr diese Menschen dort, sondern auch fr dich. Mge sich dein Herz bald erholen und beruhigen.
    In inniger Liebe-LOVE-dini Sandi

  8. Ivan Martinez

    Dear Anita,

    We are looking for Orphanage to help rebuild it.

    We are in plans to have an exclusive fundraiser for the Tsunami victims but we really want to Target an specific CAUSE. We feel strongly about helping rebuild a potential Orphanage, if you or anyone else knows of a contact person or phone number that we can call to provide this Special Fundraiser, please let us know at your earliest convenience.

    Ivan Martinez
    myGigz Entertainment
    Vancouver, Canada

  9. Vanessa Sandom

    My sister and I would like to volunteer any way we can in mid April. She is trained in disaster relief by the Red Cross, and I have international volunteer experience. Please let us know if we can help. Thanks.

  10. Jaqui Winkelman

    I am from America and am in Sri Lanka right now and will be her through most of March. Please contact me! I am here to help however I can and have 20 years working with Early CHildhood and am a Teacher! I have been her since January 29th helping with a group from America that consists of Doctors, nurses, builders and teachers. I am here and full of enrgy to help in all ways possible!
    mama oyato adre’
    It’s great what you are doing!
    Jaqui Winkelman

  11. Petra Guetg

    Liebe Anita, vielleicht magst Du Dich noch an mich erinnern. Ich war durch deine Mutter im 1986/1987 ein halbes Jahr in Davos bei Schardts und schaute auch fters bei Euch vorbei. Du warst damals ein Maedchen von ca. 5-6 Jahren. Ich habe mit Deiner Mutter noch sporadisch Kontakt. Nun leitete sie mir diese Webseite weiter und es beeindruckte mich sehr, dass Du so konkret Hilfe leisten konntest. Ich fragte mich als ich von der furchtbaren Katastrophe hoerte, wie kann ich da einen Beitrag leisten ausser Geld spenden, wo man doch nie genau weiss, ob es auch zweckmaessig eingesetzt wird. Solltest Du wieder hingehen, bitte schicke mir doch einen Einzahlungschein, damit ich Dich konkret untersttzen kann. Ich wuensche Dir in allem viel Kraft. Petra

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