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Children Drawing at Hambantota

Child’s Picture

The Sarvodaya Camp at Hambantota has volunteer teachers providing classes for the students. The teacher asked the children to draw pictures and they all drew the same thing – the tsumami that swept through their villages and homes.


  1. rodbourne cheny primary school.

    Our school (Rodbourne Cheny Primary School) is willing to help give school things EG: pens pencils picture-books any thing you need to start a new school running.our address is :
    Rodbourne Cheney Primary School
    The Broadway
    SN25 3BN

  2. Isabelle Perrett

    My family and I survived the Tsunami in Hambantota and walked out of the Peacock Beach hotel. We live in the UK and want to pledge specific funds to help rebuild the lives of villagers in this town. We want a local contact to send a donation to and wish to pledge long term support for the rebuilding of the town. Perhaps we can fund or part fund the school or resources for it, or buy boats? Please respond so we can help you.

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