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Volunteer Opportunities

Thanks to the rapid responses of you, the readers of this blog, our web team and other Sarvodaya offices are currently inundated with offers of volunteer help. We have long lists of such offers from the people who answer the phones here as well.

For that reason, we have set up an online Volunteer Forum for those who wish to make themselves available. It should provide an opportunity for Sarvodaya and other relief organizations to call on volunteers both immediately and in the future as rebuilding and rehabilitation continue.

Also, forum users can contact each other to organize independent action. Please let us know if you need further information from us, but at this moment our phone and email response capabilities are stretched thin. We are in the process of expanding our organizational infrastructure to take advantage of your generous offers of help.

For international volunteer opportunities, please contact our overseas volunteer coordinator at [email protected] (be aware that right now he cannot provide extensive information as he is centrally engaged in relief deployment). The International Volunteers Unit will be planning future volunteer assistance programs, however at the moment we are unable to make arrangements for overseas emergency volunteer workers.


  1. April Brumson

    Experienced nurse practitioner and acupuncturist looking to volunteer services for tsunami relief. Is there a useful role for me?

  2. Joan Hoeberichts

    I am a Zen Priest, Zen teacher and a psychotherapist. I know the people of Sri Lanka must be profoundly traumatized. This level of trauma, if not processed in some way, has long term repercussions. People block their feelings of despair, hopelessness, guilt and terror, but then may be immobilized and unable to resume a productive life. Or they may react with rage, addiction, or suicide. Processing post trauma can be very effective and inexpensive if it is done in groups. This was done very effectively following 9/11 in New York City.
    I am interested in gathering together a number of psychotherapists and teaching the local monks in Sri Lanka how to conduct these trauma groups in the villages. I would like to include the Muslim and the Christian clergy as well. I will raise the money in the US through grants to cover our expenses, but I need to identify hosting monasteries who are interested in doing this work with the villages. If there is some way you can help with those connections I would be very grateful.

  3. Gowri Rajendran

    I recently graduated with a degree in English from a Canadian university. I am going to pursue graduate studies but in the meantime I would like to volunteer as an English teacher in an area that is greatly in need of teachers. This can be a long term goal as I would like to support the rebuilding of Sri-Lanka in the years ahead.

  4. gretchen kennedy

    i am a registered nurse who was raised in south asia and with the latest disaster there would like to do hands on work in sri lanka- is there a need for me? i can be ready to go with a 2 week warning. please let me know.i am very comfortable in primitive areas of the world.

  5. Clare Walton

    I would just like to offer my self to help after this horrific disaster. I have been thinking about volunteering for a while and would like to be able to help in any way i can. I am 27 years old and i am basically prepared to undertake any tasks i can to help.

  6. United

    Following the tsunami earthquake in South East Asia, ‘United for South East Asia’ website initiative has been started:

    In order to make this initiative known on the net, please consider adding a link on your website (if you have one).

    The goal of is to list Aid organizations and charities asking for money to provide clean water, food, shelter and medical supplies.

    Many thanks for your help and for your donations to Aid Organizations.


    I have been thinking seriously of volunterring hands on work short and long term. Am very happy to discover this blog.
    Please keep me updated when I can join a group from the US to undertake any task. I’m very comfortable in multi-national situation, as I was raised in SE Asia, and have been a Buddhist practitioner for more than 20 some years. I’ve also done meditation retreats in Malaysia and Nepal and feel right at home in primitive set-ups. I have no work committment in the US and can be ready at anytime. I welcome the opportunity to be in the volunteer Forum of this blog. Any ideas to further assist each other to get to the Sarvodaya headquarter in Sri Lanka are welcome. With metta and deep prayers for all those in need.

  8. Adam C. Kneis

    I am a recent graduate of SUNY at Buffalo in environmental studies and am currently looking for employment. In light of the disaster and its devastating aftermath, I would like to offer my services towards relief efforts. I am willing to undertake any responsibilities necessary.

  9. Kelsey Harrell

    I recently graduated with my BA in Anthropology and a TESL Certificate. I have a lot of experience travelling and living in different cultures. I am very interested in volunteering to help in Sri Lanka in anyway that I can. I can be ready to leave with 2 weeks notice.

  10. Dylan Barlow

    I am an 18 year old youth living in the uk. I am a builders labourer over here and i wish to offer my immediate service in building tempory accomadtion or supply stores or anything that can be of use.

  11. Dinushika Mohottige

    I am a 3rd year undergraduate student at Duke University in NC, USA. I am a Singhalese dual citizen of Sri Lanka and the USA, and volunteered my services with English education 4 years ago. I am currently pursuing a major in public health and health policy initiatives, and will be funded to volunteer in Sri Lanka this summer with a few of my colleagues. Please let me know what volunteer opportunities are available during the months of June, July, and August. This team of students will be fully financed and equipped with diverse skills. I hope we can continue to communicate further, even if initially with the American Sarvodaya headquarters. Thank you and may the blessings of the triple gem be with you all.

  12. Brian Inglis

    I want to come to Sri Lanka and help in the rebuilding of the land and people. I am available to come within 3 weeks and can stay for 6 months. I have alot of skills in the construction industry and crisis management area. I need to connect with an organization that is working in Sri Lanka so I can pass on my personal profile so they can see how I can best serve the recovery. I can help in the clean up and excavation phase as well. If anyone internationally is going to Sri Lanka and knows of any contacts, please let me know. I am working on getting my fare together. Thanks

  13. Guy Padhaisky

    I would love to come to Sir Lanka to volunteer were ever i might be able to help. I was in the medical field for 21 yr’s working in the operating rm as a surical assit. I now own my own business and am able to be gone for up to six months.I am willing to help were ever needed nothing is beneith me. I can pay my on airfare. If you know of any contacts please email me. thank you

  14. Mark Roders, M.D.

    Volunteer Surgeon Immediately Available

    I am a General/Vascular Surgeon and I’m interested in applying for service in Sri Lanka and S.E. Asia.

    I can leave immediately and stay as long as needed. I can pay for my own airfare. I have a current U.S. Passport.

    I have a current U.S. passport and I have travelled and worked in Russia, Bosnia and Vanatua as a General Surgeon and General Medical Physician. In Bosnia I did considerable work with trauma and refugee care. I am only fluent in English.

    My CV is attached below.

    Please respond as soon as you are able. I’m available by telephone or e-Mail 24 hours a day.

    Thank you.
    Mark Roders, M.D.
    B.S., Cleveland State University, 1974
    Ph.D., Physiology, Case Western Reserve University, 1980
    M.D., Case Western Reserve University, 1982

    Residency and Fellowship:
    General Surgery, Case Western Reserve University, 1982-1988
    Vascular Surgery, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, 1988-1989

    Certified by the National Board of Medical Examiners, 1983
    Medical License, The State of Ohio, 1984
    Certificate General Surgery, Amer. Board of Surgery, 1989
    Certificate Vascular Surgery, Amer. Board of Surgery, 1993

    Janesville Riverview Clinic, WI, 1989-1991
    North Summit Vascular Associates, Akron, OH, 1991-1995
    Self Employed, Akron, OH, 1995-Date

    Tula, Russia; August-Nov, 1993 as Resident Surgeon
    Tuzla, Bosnia; July-Dec., 1995 Surgeon, Project Bosnia

    Supplied on request

    Please reply to:

    Mark Roders, M.D.
    3403 Caleb St.
    Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

    Phone: 1 (330) 283-0742
    FAX: 1 (832) 550-1174

    e-mail: [email protected]
    e-Mail: [email protected]

  15. Ross Wendover

    I am a 24 year old British Army Officer with the Royal Engineers, I have leave in April and would be very keen to volunteer within that period. I have spent most of my life in Africa and am happy with remote conditions.

  16. j.lensink

    I’m an intensive-care nurse and iwould like to work as a volunteer during the month of may. I’m 39 years and have working experience abroad.Can I be off any help?

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