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Plans for Orphanages

Sarvodaya has pledged to take in and provide for all children aged 11 and below who have been orphaned by the tsunami disaster. In addition Sarvodaya will care for all women and girls below the age of 19. We have already begun drafting plans to build permanent housing and school facilities.

Our need at this point is for financial donations to cover the short- and long-term costs of establishing and maintaining these facilities for the most needy. Sarvodaya’s 26 existing orphanages and 326 regional centers are poised to take immediate charge of any children, regardless of ethnicity or religion. In the long term, we plan to build new permanent centers on land owned by Sarvodaya and its regional offices. Each center will house up to 100 infants, children, and young women.

Sarvodaya has the experience, contacts, and organization to take on this crucial task of maintaining and rehabilitating those orphaned by the tsunami. We desperately need major financial support for this undertaking.


  1. Shama Fernando

    Sarvodaya must be commended for the humanitarian work that they carry out, specially in the current circumstances our country is faced with – the Tsunami disaster. A group of us working together would like to sponsor a child each, on a monthly basis. Please do contact me, if this is possible. My e-mail adress is [email protected] Telephone 2337665 (Office) 2935739 (H) I am sure there may be others too who would like to join us in our efforts as Sri Lankans to bring a ray of hope and sun shine to these little mites who have been displace for no reason of theirs.

  2. Victoria Hampshire

    We have a class of boys in the 6th grade at Landon School who would like to engage in long-term mailings to the children in the orphanage to help psychological healing. Is it possible to set something like that up? We could also arrange to sponsor several children each on a monthly basis.

    Please e-mail response.

    Victoria Hampshire

  3. patty

    I wish the country would consider adopting out some of these poor children who are now orphans. They deserve a loving family not a brand new building where all of the orphans can live together – that;s not giving them enough or all they deserve.

  4. Jeanette Brownlee

    I am anxious to find out whether Sarvodaya knows if the Maha Marahi Devi Children’s Home, at Byagama, is still active, and if they need any assistance……could you advise.

  5. Robert & Lisa James

    We would like to inquire about adoption possibilities for these orphaned children.
    Please contact us or provide us with any contacts
    that may be able to provide any information that
    would be of help.

    Thank you

  6. nori grossmann

    I would like to get my child’s school involved in helping aid people in Sri Lanka. Is it possible to get some pictures of children in need and they can send money and pictures and letters of encouragement to specific children or a specific orphanage. I think it would help children here to put a face on the disaster. Is this possible?

  7. Denese Schellink

    We are going to have a benefit concert here in S. Lake Tahoe, California, USA for your beautiful organization to help build the orphanages/schools. I have also had inquiries to adopting or fostering children. Please advise how we may help from here.
    Rev. Denese Schellink
    Unity at the Lake, S. Lake Tahoe, CA USA

  8. samia goudie

    I am an australian who has lived in sri lanka and has friends there, i am a health professional , public health , indigenous health , counselling and infectious diseases, i am also an artist , and communioty devlopment worker and do projects with youth focusing on renewing and connecting thru the arts , meditation and group work to heal trauma and re new resilience and am doing my phd on this topic. I am also a film maker ( documentary ) … and massage therapist….

    i am keen to be involved and have had idea here to organsie a group to come over to help children recover , thru art , music , and spiritual renewal etc…. how can we do this ?

    we also have peramculture experts and could help build gardens and restore buildings ?>?

    a full cv is avialble if u think I cna help…



  9. Cheryl Mitchell

    How can I get involved in working in orphanages or helping look after children. Im 26 and have just finished a nursing qualification. I have lots of spare time and have travelled to Asia previously. Im willing to fundraise to finance this.

  10. John Sommers

    I am a full-time volunteer and can pay my own expenses to travel and help the disaster relief effort. I am an Emergency Medical Technician in Westport, Connecticut and in excellent physical/mental condition. EMS is my field of training. I lived in Sri Lanka from 1997-2000, have a Sri Lanka International driver’s license. My daughter was born in Colombo. Please let me know how I can help. John Sommers e-mail [email protected]

  11. Sarah Jackson

    I am currently teaching english in the East of Thailand. I really want to help educate those children who have lost their parents in the Tsunami. I am a qualified and experienced teacher that is willing to travel anywhere to give the gift of education. Please let me know how I can lend a helping hand.

  12. eileen england

    I am the coordinator of a small organisation called International Friends for people over 50. We are running an auction next week and could do this on a regular basis. We want something specifically related to orphanage work. Let me have further details if possible, something I can publish on the day of the sale.
    We want to help – we want to see where the money goes.

  13. Dhruv Dhawan

    I am a documentary filmamker and I am leaving for Sri Lanka to do my dues as a filmmaker, I have a particular idea in mind which I aim to execute. All equipment has been acquired. I am looking for one or two people who have some film experience who would be willing to make this film with me. Please feel free to contact me if this is feasible and interesting to you.

  14. julie vosper


  15. katie errington

    I am 18 and have just finished a Cache Certificate in Child Care and Education. I would like to volunteer to work in an orphanage
    in Sri Lanka short or long term. I can help pay my own travel costs and expenses. I have travelled alone and visited Sri Lanka before. Please contact me if I can be of help. If necessary, I can leave immediately.
    Katie Errington

  16. Shelly and Emily Johnson

    My Daughter and I want to help with the releif effort by volunteering to do anything we can to help. Emily is 7 and has volonteered to auction her Christmas presents on ebay to assist in financial releif. Where can we confidently send the funds to make sure they are distributed approprietly.

  17. Tracey Ricker

    I will be in Sri Lanka for a period of three months soley for this relief effort. Please provide information regarding how I may affiliate myself with your organization. I have experience with children’s outreach programs in third world countries, particularly in Africa. My career is in construction management of all types of real estate. I am healthy and my flexiblity as to my involvement is unparalled.

  18. Anne Fernando

    I have the opportunity to raise funds toward an orphanage in the tsunami affected area. Donors are looking for accountability (A guarantee for the funding reaching the victims).

    I also want to get a program going for school children here to support an orphanage and in return for them to have correspondence with the orphans.

    Please advice me on how to get in touch with others (people on your comment list had similar interest) who has something of this nature started.

    Thank you for all your wonderful work.

  19. Nalani Langsford

    Hi i am adopted and trying to find out if my orphanage still exists. If anyone can help me greatly appreciate it it is my only link to sri lanka. I was orphaned 29 years ago. its either Prajapathi Children’s home in panadura or spelt Prgathi Thankyou

  20. Trevor Alexander

    Myself and two friends with alot of building experiance and experiance of traveling in rural thailand want to travel to the disaster area to offer our help and skills. can you help us with any usefull information. we have no fixed time scale and can pay for travel.

  21. sandy

    I am available immediately to help with the young people of Sri Lanka. I am paediatric first aid trained. I have 24 years exp. of child care and young people from teaching pre school through to running youth groups. i am able to travel to Sri Lanka for a max period of one month in the first instance.

  22. Brenda Jordan

    I am a childcare center owner in Wa. State, and I am trying to get over to SE Thailand to Volunteer with children. I can pay my own costs.
    Is there an organization that is going from the states?

  23. Shanti Ahlén

    Hi I am planning to go to Sri Lanka and want to donate my effort and be involved in Sarvodaya relief. Please provide information regarding how to affiliate myself with your organisation.

  24. Donal Dempsey

    Our organisation the “Friends of the Orphans of Galle” is a newly set-up organisation within the United Arab Emirates run by a group of voluntary expatriates including two Sri Lankan residents, who have currently raised significant funds to aid the unfortunate tsunami victims within Sri Lanka. Our objective is to select and project manage the refurbishment or extension to an existing orphanage within the southern Galle area, which has been affected directly by the Tsunami.

    We have short listed a few potential projects which we are visiting between 20th and 24th April 05 and we would also like to select another three potential projects which fit into the following criteria:

    1. Southern province of Sri Lanka.

    2. Affected by the Tsunami (either by requiring refurbishment or extension due to accommodating new orphans as a result of the Tsunami).

    3. Reputable Christian run organisation.

    4. Caters for both boys and girls.

    5. Multi-religious.

    We are currently undergoing formal registration within the UAE to ensure that we can provide a long term support to the selected project as well as looking to other projects in the future. Our committee members constitute of various professionals with business, finance, construction, project management and previous fundraising experience thus ensuring we can deliver a project effectively to those who are in need of our assistance.
    Should you require further information or would like to be considered as a potential project please email me Donal Dempsey at “[email protected]

  25. Krishna Ghimire

    Hi there,
    I am running an orphanage named SCH-Nepal one of the leading christian orphanage in Nepal founded in july 1989 and looking for a donor organization or person as a partner. We are extreamly ran-out of funds currently. If there are some one with compassion and kindness to help the orphan children in Nepal please do contact in our email add. [email protected] Thank lot for your love and concern. Krishna

  26. Samantha Cant

    I would love to get involved with your organisation my donating my time. I have preseriously worked in Africa teaching and working with childern of whom many are orphans also. The project i was involved in was only for 4 months and i feel i have more to give and your organisation would give me a chance to furfill this

    I would love to help

    sam cant x

  27. Vicki Porter

    I’m a primary school teacher and I can teach EFL. I am very willing to help in whatever way I can, particulularly caring or educating the children.

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