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Sarvodaya Provides Aid to Tsunami Orphans

The South Asian Tsunami Disaster has left thousands of children orphaned and displaced. These children have been left helpless and traumatized requiring immediate mental, emotional and physical support.

The Sarvodaya Suwasetha Sewa Society is preparing to provide shelter, food and clothing for these destitute children. This will relieve the children of the oppressive fear and emotional degeneration which comes from remaining in a disaster area, including the mass hysteria surrounding a second wave. The Society can meet the urgent needs of these children at its head office at No. 55 De Soysa Road, Rawatawatte, Moratuwa or at the children homes run by the Society in different parts of Sri Lanka.

Education will play a key role and thus schooling facilities will be provided for the children. This will help their self esteem and will not allow them to fall into dependency. They will grow as individuals and exist independently in the community.

The Society will not be isolating or insular but will reunite children with families if possible and safe. In the meantime a secure environment will be provided with long term support in which children can remain until adulthood.

Requests for accommodation will be made with the approval of the relevant Grama Seva Officer and the District Secretary and/or the Probation Officer.
Phone 0112 655 110 or 0112 647 158
email [email protected]


  1. Denise Pruett

    My heart goes out to all who suffered in this horrible tragedy. I have often considered adopting a child.

  2. Sherrill Durbin

    Where is the best address to send items? I want to help, and I have a lot of things that would be useful and help the children during this tragic time. Thanks!

  3. Sherrill Durbin

    After rereading the top of this page, I am assuming the correct address to send things (toys for the children) would be at The Sarvodaya Suwasetha Sewa Society No. 55 De Soysa Road, Rawatawatte, Moratuwa If I am wrong on this, please email me or post on here, as I plan to send a pkg by Tuesday this week. Thanks very much!

  4. Talal Family

    We have 100’s of plush toys for Kids – Tsunami Survivors. Do you have drop off locations in the Northwest (States of Oregon or Washington)in the USA? Or a direct shipment address? Thank you and G-d bless You & Children, Annette & Michelle Talal

  5. Helen Sutton

    I am from the UK but currently living in Colombo as my husband works here. If you have any children that need fostering or adopting we would be most happy to help you. Please let me know if there’s anything at all I can do.

  6. Helen Sutton

    I am from the UK but currently living in Colombo as my husband works here. If you have any children that need fostering or adopting we would be most happy to help you. Please let me know if there’s anything at all I can do.

  7. Debbie Smith

    Am a 51 year old learning disabilities teacher, married 3 years and we are childless.Husband is 43. Have had numerous miscarriages. Would LOVE to adopt an orphan of the disaster….HOW?

  8. Kamala Thomas

    I am a Srilankan American living in Pleasant Hill, CA. I am going to Sri Lanka for 2 weeks this January and My brothers and I plan to build a home for a grief stricken family in Matara , Sri Lanka. Also I plan to provide monthly support for a orphan child from Matara as an ongoing support. If we can help 1 family each, and support 1 child each, it will be the greatest contribution for life.

  9. Carol Ricossa

    How can I help? I live in the USA and am willing to fundraise to come there. I work with emotionally and behaviorally distrubed children. Maybe I could help the children there. Please let me know. Carol Ricossa, Memphis, Tennessee

  10. Nilmini Viswaprakash

    I live in Auburn, Al, USA. My sons are collecting school supply and money for the children who left orphans in Sri Lanka. Please give me two addresses 1. from north/East 2. South
    I will ship the items tot he addresses and then visit those orphanges in March to meet the children in person. I find Sarvodya is an effective and a fare organisation .
    Nilmini , Auburn, Al, USA

  11. Kathleen King

    I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I am leader for the outreach program for my children’s elementary school and we would love to adopt funding or helping rebuild a school for a community. Can you can give me a contact to detemine if we can undertake this project. I got the name of your organization from a Calgarian who was present in Sri Lanka during the Tsunami.

  12. Sue DeMarinis

    I am in the process of international adoption, with all my dossier paperwork complete. How do I find out about filing for an orphaned child from the disaster in Sri Lanka?

  13. marlene Hankash

    I am from the US, I live in New York City with my husband and three little girls ages, 9, 6 and 3. If you have any children that need adopting we would be most happy to help you. Please let me know if there’s anything at all I can do.

  14. Elizabeth Zook

    My family and I live in Vancouver, British Columbia. For years we have talked about adopting a little girl but have never pursued this, until now. With the Tsunami devestation there are many who will need help and a good home. We are hoping to adopt one of these children and helping them. Please let us know how we can do this.

  15. Jaqui Winkelman

    I am here in Colombo to assist with the tsunami. I am a Teacher and have worked in Early Childhood. I am willing to help out in any way possible. I am trying to assit in adoptions and also in exchange programs for children 14-18 years old for 6 months to one year. I would love to talk or meet with someone. I am here until the middle of March!
    mama oyato adre’
    Jaqui Winkelman

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