Reawakening Council

It has been said that “Waves of destruction have been followed by Waves of Compassion”. The latter has pervaded the whole nation, and in fact the whole world. The physical re-construction which is more tangible should be accompanied by the personal and social transformation of ALL leading to the “Awakening of the Nation”.

  1. A major output expected from the National Awakening Council is the formulation of a VISION for the nation as a whole and some guidance as to how it may, in course of time, be embedded in the hearts and minds of its people.
  2. It is also expected that the Council will formulate policies for the guidance of the Sarvodaya in relation to the 5R work and will also issue directives to the Executive Director of Sarvodaya in specific fields and also make general suggestions in terms of the VISION formulated. (At a preliminary meeting several fields were identified and persons assigned to do further work in the selected fields.)
  3. Since there is urgent work to be done, it is expected that the Council will also identify key actions in the selected fields for immediate implementation.
  4. The Council will also assist in generating resources for the 5R work in particular.