While focusing on families and communities, Sarvodaya has identified certain critical groups to work with as well as certain over-lapping fields and areas in which immediate action is needed. The major rationale for such selective action is that special expertise is needed at this juncture. The systematic development work following the immediate relief, has to be expedient and efficient and the very best the country can offer.

The co-ordination of these selective actions will be primarily at two levels. At the national level, the National Re-awakening Council will take part in the co-ordination function. At the other end, the families and associated communities will receive a co-coordinated package. Communities will be involved in the development work at all management levels within the community, as is the usual Sarvodaya practice, and this will ensure that a co-coordinated package will be available. It will also ensure transparency and will also result in the effective mobilization of the community.

The areas are as follows

  1. Women, children and orphans
  2. Water and sanitation
  3. Health and Preventive Care Management
  4. Psychological and spiritual healing
  5. Housing & Resettlement
  6. Camp/Community Management & Governance
  7. Livelihood support, trade and micro-finance
  8. Environmental management & ecology
  9. Disaster Management & Mitigation
  10. Communication
  11. Documentation & Legal Assistance

The best available expertise in the country will be mobilized for this work and Sarvodaya already has offers of such assistance. In addition, Sarvodaya will utilize the specialist services offered by the public sector and will operate within the relevant official policy guidelines.