Objectives and Expected Results

Active engagement of the entire community is envisaged to not only promote community development but also national integration and peace in line with Sarvodaya’s Deshodaya (National Reawakening) concept. It will also be in keeping with Sarvodaya’s vision of development, just peace building and good governance in terms of three interlocking spheres: consciousness, economics and power.

The engagement process involving the affected community is envisaged to significantly address stress, trauma and psycho social problems of the victims.

Through this comprehensive programme, Sarvodaya also hopes to embed a value change in the affected community, which will empower them towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and better prepare them for future disaster management.

The programme will also reestablish the affected communities in their respective villages by assisting them through an Income Support scheme combined with upgraded skills for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of affected areas.

In addition, the programme endeavors to create other avenues of employment through private traders and government projects, which will be encouraged to employ affected community members. Sarvodaya also hopes to network with the private sector in marketing all crafts and products produced by the local community.

Furthermore, the local community will be mobilized to engage in tree planting and home garden crops to meet local consumption needs and upgrade the environment. Seed material and nursery plants will be obtained from the private sector.

The programme will ensure that diseases and epidemics do not occur in the affected areas. It also envisages a significant improvement in the living conditions and attitudes of people vis-a-vis health and sanitation. Accordingly, much emphasis will be placed on educating the targeted people on the importance of cleanliness and sanitation. Quite apart from providing physical facilities for all three communities in the multi-ethnic districts such as those in the Eastern province, the programme will also to promote harmony and unity amongst them in the course of facing this calamity.

The programme will also, as far as possible, use the displaced persons in the planning, construction activities relating to various programme activities, thereby imparting skills and a sense of discipline.