The rehabilitation and reconstruction activities will be implemented in a decentralized manner guided by a district committee. Sarvodaya headquarters will facilitate all support services including programme management, systems, MIS, resource identification, banking, accounting, audit and controls in terms of a project procedures manual assuring best practices of programme management and good governance. A continuous process of assessment, identification of deployment opportunities, networking with deployment partners within a strategic planning and effective and efficient implementation management framework will be lead by the top management team of Sarvodaya headquarters under the guidance of the Executive Director Dr Vinya Ariyaratne, MD. A team of professional volunteers with capability and competency to implement the programme will be formed as an advisory committee to closely network and discharge a governance role including the role of an audit and compliance committee.

Coordination of external support

Sarvodaya had been working with communities around the country for the last 47 years. Even though many individuals and organizations who supported Sarvodaya during the disaster are willing to looking to the possibilities of helping in long term rehabilitation process, it is Sarvodaya’s commitment not to create disparities among communities who receive this assistance. Therefore Sarvodaya is proposing its external resource partners will be allocated specific districts to provide support in the re-awakening programme and adopt an integrated and holistic approach to develop the communities in a sustainable manner based on the time tested Sarvodaya philosophy.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Management Information Statements will be designed to track the physical progress of the programme against agreed targets, expenditure against budgets and the realization of programme goals and objectives against agreed parameters. This process will be supported by a specially designed project management computer system these statements will be submitted at agreed intervals by programme management staff and consolidated at the centre.

Resource allocation

The costing of the programme is set out in the Finances section. The proportion of financial allocation for each action area was determined based on criteria such as the magnitude of the need based assessment reports received from Sarvodaya field staff, the Sarvodaya internal expertise & capacity, availability of external technical and other resource partners and the degree of involvement & availability of resources by other agencies such as the government, private sector, UN agencies and the donors.