The immediate relief services were provided through the existing Sarvodaya organizational structure.

After the immediate massive relief effort, Sarvodaya has made the following decisions:

  1. Relief work will continue as needed.
  2. The continuing development work needed in the affected areas will be done through the existing Sarvodaya organizational structure with some needed modifications which have already been effected.
  3. Sarvodaya needs additional expertise in many areas in addition to those listed above, considering the sheer magnitude of the operations. It has identified the following fields / areas for which expertise will be resourced and provided through the National Reawakening Council.
    • Finance
    • Camp Management
    • Communication and MIS
    • Disaster Management Support
    • Services Support and Networking
  4. Sarvodaya field centers will be upgraded to provide better services and better accommodation particularly to volunteer workers (a separate proposal has been prepared).