There was a significant amount of relief that came from ordinary citizens, the private sector and multilateral aid agencies both in Sri Lanka and abroad.

Update: We have completed one month of relief operations following the Tsunami. The waves of compassion which helped us provide services to the affected people include financial and in-kind (material) contributions and volunteers – both local and international. The attached tables and documentation provide an overview of the contributions received by Sarvodaya for its immediate relief operations and long-term rehabilitation programs.

This is part of our long-standing commitment to transparency and accountability. Specific steps Sarvodaya has taken include:

  • Appointment of a committee to manage funds, headed by the former Governor of the Central Bank
  • Policy on Utilization of Funds
  • Development of Financial/Donation Management procedure (in draft form, soon to be released)
  • Web-based dissemination of financial information
  • Voluntary submission to special audits and evaluation by Transparency International

Sarvodaya is committed to matching its record of results on the ground with transparency and openness in accounting and communication.

Latest Financial Disclosure (28 January 2005)

Bank US Dollar Balance Rupee Balance Total in US Dollars
Commercial Bank RFC $478,873.38 $478,873.38
Commercial Bank Disas/Mgt Rs. 26,307,176.62 $268,440.57
Sarvodaya USA (incl PayPal) $868,106.34 $868,106.34
Sampath Bank – Online Payments $353,917.01 $353,917.01
TOTAL $1,700,896.73 Rs. 26,307,176.62 $1,969,337.30

The first bank account listed here is a US Dollar account for wire-transfers from organizations and long-standing Sarvodaya donors. The second account is a Rupee account for donations from within Sri Lanka.

The third bank account is Sarvodaya USA. You may see that this is an option on the donate page. All online donations (PayPal) and checks to Sarvodaya USA go to this bank account.

Finally, if you make a direct donation via Sampath Bank on this site, those funds appear in the fourth account.

How Have Donations Been Spent?

Value of Goods Distributed
Expenditures By District

How Will Donations Been Spent in the Long-Term?

The proportion of financial allocation for each action area was determined based on criteria such as the magnitude of the need based assessment reports received from Sarvodaya field staff, the Sarvodaya internal expertise & capacity, availability of external technical and other resource partners and the degree of involvement & availability of resources by other agencies such as the government, private sector, UN agencies and the donors.

Comprehensive Budget