Deshodaya Plan

What remains to be done is not simply building a house for those which have been flattened, or re-building the roads and rail tracks which have been badly damaged, or re-establishing the social welfare services such as health and education, or re-starting the commercial activities needed for the daily life of the people, but to do all these and much more as well, within a sustained national effort to build a new country; a NEW SRI LANKA.

Sarvodaya believes and acts on the belief that the country needs a vision which not only motivates ALL of us but also directs all efforts at Relief, Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Reconciliation and Reawakening (5R) whether by individuals, societies, state, private sector or Non Governmental Organisations, international agencies etc. Sarvodaya believes that to move towards this vision of “Beyond Immediate Relief”, the whole country, and not only those immediately affected, should get involved.

Sarvodaya has already commissioned a National Re-Awakening Council to formulate such a Vision. The essential ingredients for this vision are to be found in the Sarvodaya ~ Deshodaya concept.