Shanthi Sena Peace Brigade

Sarvodaya Shanthi Sena (Peace Brigade) is Sri Lanka’s largest peace organisation with the largest participation of youth. It has established over 8,000 units throughout Sri Lanka, enrolling over 86,000 male and female youths aged 15 to 30 years from all ethnic groups.

The main objective is to develop youth leadership to help encourage a disciplined society free of violence and suffering.

Shanthi Sena is also engaged in changing the prevailing environment of war to that of peace through efforts to promote cooperation between ethnic and religious communities.

Shanthi Sena Movement holds events and gatherings which promote national unity and inter religious cooperation. Amity Camps, Peace Dialogues, district-to-district youth exchange programmes, Peace Education, meditation, Youth Leader Programmes on conflict resolution and Pen Pal programmes are proven and effective means of achieving our objectives.

The long-established team at Shanthi Sena offers years of experience in the field of inter-religious dialogue coupled with a nationwide network of communities in the north, south, east and west. In addition to a full-time Director, there are six permanent members on the staff and 34 District Volunteer Coordinators, supported by the Shanthi Sena Board which is made up of distinguished Sri Lankan university lecturers, lawyers, accountants and counsellors.

Shanthi Sena welcomes your support to help it continue its work in bringing about a lasting peace in Sri Lanka.