Our Vision

‘We build the peace, peace builds the nation’

Sarvodaya’s 2006 Peace Action Plan is a vision for peace which encompasses four specific areas:
1. To move beyond the Ceasefire Agreement (CFA) to a permanent end to the war.
2. To identify an acceptable political framework that devolves power to the most local level.
3. To continue working towards economic transformation in Sri Lanka, specifically to eliminate poverty
4. To engage Sri Lankan grassroots to forge a national identity that transcends ethnic or religious identity and recognises Sri Lanka’s unique multi-ethnic, multi-religious character; to create a sense of ‘one nation, many cultures’.

A political solution in itself will not be peace. Sarvodaya also recognises the necessity of continuing to work for changed consciousness, national identity, and economic structure. Sarvodaya is committed to using its resources and influence to bring about a lasting solution.

We seek the participation of all Sri Lankans (and the support of our friends internationally), and we hope that all will join us in walking the ‘Last Mile for Peace’.