Through its The Last Mile for Peace: Sarvodaya Initiative for a Peoples Constitution, Sarvodaya will capitalise on its position as a representative of the grassroots and a trusted apolitical movement, to facilitate a holistic, non-adversarial process in which all parties are free to express their ‘bottom line’ needs in order to discuss ideas and seek innovative, effective solutions.

1. CONSULTATION: Face to face meetings with all political parties, religious leaders, the business community, peace groups, academics, women’s groups and grassroots leaders. A Vision Statement from each group will be agreed. (January to March)

2. INTEGRATION: A Declaration of Common Vision will be formed, based on the individual Vision Statements (May to July)

3. PUBLIC SUPPORT: announce the Declaration of Common Vision publicly (August) and seek popular support. This campaign will last for several months. It will be highlighted by one million people joining Dr A.T. Ariyaratne and Dr Deepak Chopra to meditate in Anuradhapura at the Spiritual Gathering for Universal Peace on 2nd October 2006. Although the Meditation is not directly related to the constitutional process, it will nevertheless call attention to, and generate support for, our efforts to create an acceptable settlement.

4. PEOPLE’S CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION: From 2nd December, 300-400 delegates from all ethnic groups, religions and levels of society will join the convention at the same time as the acceleration of the support campaign, to create a groundswell of public demand for peace.

5. ENGAGING SRI LANKAN YOUTH: A host of other activities will support the Last Mile for Peace, mostly engaging rural youth in conflict resolution and inter-ethnic understanding through village-to-village networking, peace camps, multi-ethnic workshops, cross-cultural activities, sports and the training of additional Shanti Sena (Peace Brigade) youth leaders.